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Getting Started
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Developers! To help you get started, we have prepared getting-started guides for the four platforms that SciChart offers. These will show you how to start a free trial, build a simple chart with SciChart’s charting libraries and run our examples app in your environment.

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JavaScript Chart Library supporting Typescript, React, Vue, Angular, and more. Using WebAssembly & WebGL for incredible big-data performance. Works across devices on all modern browsers.

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WPF Chart library for native windows apps where you cannot compromise on performance or features. Supporting DirectX11, .netCore 3+ or .Net Framework 4.5.2+, C# and VB apps on Windows 8, 10, 11.

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iOS / macOS Charts

iOS & macOS Chart Library supporting Swift, Objective-C native apps on iOS devices with iOS 9+ and Metal hardware acceleration. As well as native apps on macOS desktop with macOS 10.12+.

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Android Chart Library supporting Kotlin or Java native apps on Android devices with OpenGLES hardware acceleration. As well as apps on embedded devices and custom hardware such as Raspberry Pi running the Android OS 4.4, KitKat 10.0.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Where is the example source code?

The SciChart Examples source code can be found inside a Trial download, or alternatively, we also host the example source code on Github.

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Where is the documentation?

We have written comprehensive documentation for SciChart WPF, iOS and Android which is hosted online on our website.

Xamarin charts do not have documentation as our Xamarin is simply a wrapper around iOS/Android. However, we have prepared tutorials for Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.Android as well.

Documentation Tutorials


What Happens when my trial expires?

SciChart comes with a 30-day trial, unlimited featured trial. At the end of your trial, you will still be able to compile your application, but the charts will stop working.

At this time, you can purchase a full license to unlock the trial time restrictions. If you have any questions about our licensing model, or pricing, just ask!

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Got a Question?

Shall you have any questions or feedback about getting started, please let us know?
If you are not a developer and have a question about SciChart, please get in touch with us through the contact us form below!

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