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Best WPF Charts

Why Choose SciChart?

Are you considering SciChart vs. one of our competitors or an open-source WPF Chart component? If so, you’ll want to know what SciChart can offer that competitors don’t. Find out why we’re considered by thousands of users to be the Best WPF Chart Library on the market today.

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WPF Chart Audio Frequency Spectrum Analyzer

Why You Should Choose The Best WPF Charts On The Market

Choosing the Best WPF Charts on the market is a no-brainer. But don’t just take our word for it. See how we compare to open-source and direct competitors, and what our global customer base has to say…

Build Extreme Performance WPF Charts

With DirectX hardware acceleration, smart and lossless data-point resampling and an optimized render pipeline, SciChart provides extremely fast WPF charts capable of drawing many millions of data-points in line charts, or a million points in scatter charts, real-time candlestick charts, mountain (area) charts and more.

In performance benchmarks, we provide excellent performance numbers, but also in real-world applications you will get a responsive, fluid UI when you use SciChart’s WPF Chart components.

Surpass Your Competitors

What’s more, the recently released SciChart v6 SDK is up to 100x faster, able to draw 1 Billion Points at 60FPS, make that Ten Billion Points at 60FPS in real-time line charts, in fact now it’s 64 Billion Points in Big Data Apps surpassing even our strongest competitors and making SciChart the world’s fastest Big-Data WPF Chart component for complex, real-world applications.

Great performance and low CPU load, even on high data transfer (~200.000 samples/second). Also very good and intuitive documentation!

Stefan K.

Intuitive, XAML / MVVM Friendly API

Being fast is great, but performance isn’t everything. What also matters is if your WPF Chart control is intuitive, feature-rich and easy to use.

As a developer, you will find SciChart’s WPF Chart API intuitive and easy to use because it’s written as a WPF developer would expect.

Since 2012, we’ve been building the Best WPF Charts by WPF developers, for WPF developers; focusing on MVVM, XAML Declarative Markup, templating, attached properties and styles.

Read the tutorial below to see how easy it is to add a line series to SciChart with MVVM and XAML.

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Reduce Time-to-Market With Excellent Developer Support 

Not only is our API intuitive and consistent, but since our WPF Chart Library is used by thousands of developers worldwide, there are now thousands of searchable forum questions, documentation pages and hundreds of online code examples on our website.

Your developers will be able to create the Best WPF Chart visualizations with SciChart’s chart library, while also building them quickly. Higher productivity will result in faster time to market, and less overall cost, if you decide to choose SciChart.

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Build Impressive WPF Charts

SciChart is at the forefront of hundreds of applications which require complex WPF Charts and visualizations to view data in a variety of ways.

Far more than a simple line chart, column chart, or scatter chart, SciChart allows you to:


Our depth of features is far beyond competitors and allows you to create complex, rich WPF Chart applications.

Get More From Your Chart Library

Our customers consistently rate us the best for documentation, tech support and examples, as well as features and performance!

We have invested thousands of hours developing a rich examples suite of the Best WPF Chart examples and hundreds of hand-written documentation pages, all searchable online.

What’s more, your developers will be able to access our top-rated technical support. Our forums search as you type, and if you have purchased priority support, you will often get a response on the same-day.

Get Technical Issues Resolved Quickly

For 10 years we have been actively developing our WPF charts to make them faster, better and with richer features, and we have a team who work hard to handle bugs and compatibility issues.

With SciChart, if you report a bug, you will get what you need to keep working quickly. This presents a huge value-add over our competitors and an even bigger value-add over open source charts, which may have good features but won’t have the same level of development activity and support that SciChart has.

Because of the large user base of SciChart, our software is tested regularly, and you can rest assured that issues, should they occur, will be fixed quickly.

We’ve made major releases via our website, as well as hundreds of releases via our Nightly build feed, which publishes code to NuGet and GitHub.

Rated 5-Stars by Users

star starstarstarstarstar 4.84 Average - 419 Reviews

In a recent review campaign, we were blown away to receive hundreds of reviews from customers of SciChart, most of whom rated us 5-stars.

  • Performance! Our users say our charts are blazing fast.
  • Flexibility! Customers say our charts are extremely flexible.
  • Easy to use! Customers say our documentation, examples, and API make SciChart WPF easy to use.
  • Excellent tech support! Customers say we really help them when they need it most.
  • Customers also have very nice things to say about how friendly we are, as a company.
Ziran W

High performance, multiple useful features, easy to use, and good documentation with detailed tutorials and examples. We applied SciChart in a DAQ&Testing system to display signals in real-time. This software definitely met our requirements.

Michel B
SciChart is amazing for the enormous amount of data that it helps to plot. I use it perfectly with MVVM and WPF. The supplied demo application shows and documents all its functionality in a clear and precise way. The technical support, when needed is excellent.
Geoffrey W

I’ve been a full source SciChart customer for years. I evaluated all the Open Source and commercial offerings (LightningChart) and found SciChart to be the best overall product in terms of documentation, performance and support.

Value for Money

With our WPF Chart packages starting from $1499 per developer license, SciChart may seem a high initial cost for your project… However, consider the value that you get when you purchase SciChart WPF.

The right WPF Chart component can save you money over the duration of your project, by providing feature-rich chart components that are easy to use, fast to find the information you need, and backed up by exceptional tech support.

If you become a SciChart customer, you will get the benefit of millions of lines of code, and 10 years of expert development packed into the best WPF Chart Library. You will also receive all major & minor updates, plus helpful, expert technical support for 1-year after purchase.

Switch to SciChart: The Best WPF Charts!

These reasons, and more, make SciChart the Best WPF Charts on the market today! Do you want to make the switch?

If you have purchased a competitor WPF chart control and wish to switch to SciChart, tell us why you want to make the switch and we will give you 20% discount off the store price. All that you need to do to be eligible is:

1. Show us proof of purchase of a competitor WPF Chart control.
2. Tell us why you want to choose SciChart over this competitor. We may publish these reasons (anonymized) at a later date.
3. We will quote you a like-for-like quote for SciChart licenses with the 20% off our store price.

Do more with the extensive capabilities of the SciChart library.

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