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SciChart JavaScript Charts for Web is an Ultra High Performance Realtime component for Scientific, Medical, and Financial apps.

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SciChart WPF Charts for Medical and Scientific Chart Applications
SciChart JavaScript Charts for ECG Medical Apps
SciChart JavaScript Charts for Scientific Research Applications

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Featuring many popular JavaScript charts for Fast, Realtime 2D & 3D HTML5 / Javascript apps. Our rendering engine has been successfully compiled to WebGL and WebAssembly, a new native binary format for the web. All in a cross-platform, browser-based, javascript compatible package. SciChart.js API will allow you to use the data in any format including CSV, JSON, and realtime updated data and plot charts and graphs with JavaScript / TypeScript, and React or any other JavaScript framework. SciChart.js charting component is tailored for demanding applications in Financial & trading, Scientific & Medical, Engineering domains as well as complex enterprise applications which need the best possible visualizations.

scichart javascript chart is on apple device
scichart javascript chart visualizing the 3D point cloud LiDAR data on a tablet
javascript stacked column 2D chart
javascript charts in medical devices, javascript ECG / EKG realtime plotting

// Blazing JavaScript Chart Performance

With our cutting-edge, award-winning graphics engine in WebAssembly & WebGL, SciChart.js brings you the world's fastest JavaScript Chart Component. Plot millions of data-points in realtime, create next-generation streaming, updating financial, medical, scientific and big-data business applications.

Annotations & Markers

SciChart features a powerful Annotations API which allows you to overlay Line, Text, Boxes or watermarks over the chart, at specific data-point locations.

Custom annotations are possible to display custom markers or points of interest. SciChart supports draggable vertical/horizontal line annotations to mark thresholds or time stamps. All our annotations are optionally editable by the user.

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Add annotations, text labels, boxes, lines and custom markers to a JavaScript Chart with our Annotations API
Our JavaScript Charts allow unlimited, multiple XAxis and YAxis on the left, top, right or bottom

Unlimited X,Y axis and rotation (vertical) charts

SciChart JavaScript allows you to have unlimited number of multiple X and Y axis. You can add several axes at the Top, bottom, left or right of your chart.

You can rotate charts by displaying the X axis on the Left/Right and Y axis on the Top/Bottom. That will allow you to create vertical JavaScript charts.

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Crosshairs, Tooltips and Rollovers

SciChart JavaScript powerful Chart Modifier API allows to add many tools that will help you read the data on the chart. These include Crosshairs, Tooltips, Cursors, Rollovers, and legends out of the box.

You can style all the elements to match your JavaScript application overall look.

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Add Tooltips and Cursors to JavaScript Charts
Style and color points individually on a JavaScript Charts chart using our PaletteProvider API

Per-Point Coloring

Using SciChart.js API you can achieve per point coloring with the Palette Provider API. You can return a data-point style or color based on the X, Y data-values.

This is useful when it is important to show that the segment of the data meets certain criteria, for example, exceeds a threshold or represents a point of interest.

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Styling and Theming

SciChart.js ships with eight build in themes which can be applied with one line of code. Themes affect default cursor, zoom, axis, grid, and series colors.

You can style each element of the chart separately and get the charts to look exactly how you want it.

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Create your own JavaScript Chart theme to suit your app

Extensible, Customizable API

SciChart.js has a loaf of API hooks allowing you to extend, customize or otherwise bend the chart control to your will. Developers love our flexible, and powerful API!

Axis Text Formatting / LabelProvider API

You are in control not only of a text formatting but changing the axis labels into a custom labels e.g. strings, prefix, suffix, scientific notation and more.

See Documentation

PaletteProvider API

Allows per point coloring of a series based on data value. E.g. if you want a line to be red if over a certain value? That can easily be done with the palette provider.

See Documentation

Custom Series API

SciChart includes so many chart types out of the box, but if there is one you are missing it can be created as a custom series using our RenderContext2D API.

See Documentation

ChartModifier API

Allows creation of behaviour modifiers which can be attached to the chart. Update the chart data, custom zooming panning, custom tooltip actions? You can customize anything in SciChart.js with this rich, powerful API

See Documentation

Build JavaScript charts with numeric and category axes

Category and Numeric Axis Types

SciChart features numeric and category axis types out of the box. The numeric axis is used for numbers when the category axis can be used for not numbers, but dates for example. The category axis is often used in Financial web applications.

The API allows you to customize the axis label formatting and more.

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Link Multiple Charts

SciChart allows you to synchronize multiple charts together by linking their zooming, panning or display of tooltips.

Your multiple JavaScript charts will be working in unison, which is very useful when displaying related data from several data sources one under another.

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Link multiple JavaScript Charts together to synchronize zooming, panning and tooltips
Create multi-pane JavaScript stock chart and trading apps with our JavaScript Candlestick Chart, JavaScript OHLC chart types

Financial/Stock Chart Features

SciChart.js is built with Scientific, Medical and Financial or Trading applications in mind.

Specifically, for the financial domain SciChart features stock chart, including Candlestick chart type, the OHLC chart type, Columns, Mountain (area), Band (fill area), and Line chart types.

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Build charts on Windows (WPF), iOS, macOS, Android, Xamarin and JavaScript charts with our cross platform charting libraries

Cross Platform Support

SciChart provides native, high performance chart controls on four platforms: Android (Java, Kotlin), iOS and macOS (Objective-C, Swift), Xamarin (C#), Windows (WPF C#) and Web (JavaScript/TypeScript). For the best realtime charting component with cross platform support, choose SciChart. .

SciChart has Excellent Reviews

10 years in business: SciChart has excellent reviews. We've been in business for 10 years, and have an outstanding reputation.

Used across sectors by top companies in their industry: SciChart component is used across the globe in global MedTech, top US Banks, top F1 Teams, top Global Petrochemical companies, and thousands more. Millions of charts have been built by SciChart and our customers reported back to us that impossible projects became possible.

Saved time and money: Customers praise us for a performant and software, flexible and feature-rich API, well documented, and easy to use component. They praise our professional tech support. Taking into account all of the above a lot of customers say that we have saved them time and money.

Have a read below of what some of our customers say:

Award Winning Software

SciChart's innovative approach to the performant big data visualization has been acknowledged by winning the Queen's Award for Enterprise in category "Innovation" in 2019. SciChart was Highly Commended finalist of the Lloyds bank award for Innovation in 2019. SciChart has been also awarded the SME National Business Award in 2020 for the best cross-platform analytics software. We see the impact we make on the projects worldwide across sectors and therefore we keep innovating in our niche field.

All this starting with the introductory pricing from $999

SciChart’s JavaScript Charts are licensed on a perpetual, per-developer licensing model, with royalty-free redistribution. You get access to the world’s best WPF Charts, starting from just $999 per developer license.