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// Xamarin Chart Examples Suite

Our iOS Charts and Android Charts also come with Xamarin bindings plus ~60 Xamarin Chart Examples which you can browse, play with, view the source-code and compile and run in a Visual Studio Solution. All of this is possible with the SciChart Xamarin SDK.

You can get the SciChart Xamarin Examples source code directly from our Downloads page, which will start a SciChart 30-day trial.


// Browsing Xamarin Examples

Once downloaded, you can open Xamarin.Examples.Deploy.sln, build it, run and start to play around with application. You can browse categories of our Xamarin Chart Examples such as Xamarin iOS & Xamarin Android 2D Charts and Featured Charts. Tap on a Chart Example to enter it.

// Setup a Development Environment

In order to compile our SciChart Xamarin Examples you will need to Install VS2015 or later and Setup a development environment for Xamarin. You will need to download Xamarin on Windows and if you want to develop for Xamarin.iOS also install Visual Studio for Mac on the OSX machine.

Find out more by heading over to the Xamarin website below.


// Getting the SciChart Xamarin Source Code

The SciChart for Xamarin examples source code is available from our Downloads page, and also, we host a repository with the source code on Github.

We have prepared a helpful getting-started video for you below.
Getting Started with SciChart Xamarin


// Setting up the NuGet Feed

The actual SciChart.iOS.dll and SciChart.Android.dll libraries are hosted on SciChart’s private NuGet feed. You can access the NuGet feed by following the instructions from our page Getting Nightly Builds with NuGet.