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Xamarin Audio, Radio frequency and Spectrum Analyzer

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Please note! These examples are new to SciChart Mobile v3 release! SciChart iOS & Android ship with Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.Android bindings around our native iOS & Android Chart controls, allowing you to create fast & feature rich charts to your Xamarin applications. We include ~90 native iOS examples and 90 Android examples, but now also ~60 Xamarin Chart Examples to help you get started with SciChart. You can download the source for our Xamarin Chart Examples from Github, or browse the source code below.

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The Audio analyzer demo showcases how SciChart can be used across platforms in a scientific context with Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.Android.

You are welcomed to download the examples and enable your microphone to see this demo at work.

In this example we listen to the microphone on your iPad/iPhone or Android device and create a waveform of the sound recorded in the top chart, that has 500,000 data-points drawn in real-time. In the example application you can also see a Fourier Transform, showing a spectral / frequency analysis of the audio waveform in the lower left chart. The bottom right chart has a spectrogram or a histogram of the fourier transform, that is created with the heatmap SciChart control.

If you are creating an app that needs to work on both iOS and Android devices and visualize radio frequency, spectral analysis or scientific data from data-acquisition devices, choose SciChart to shortcut your development time & get to market faster with our well-tested, reliable Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.Android Chart library.

See also:

The native examples in Swift/objective C for iOS and Java for Android.

The C#/Xamarin.iOS/Xamarin.Android source code for the Xamarin Audio, Radio frequency and Spectrum Analyzer Example example is included below (Scroll down!).

Did you know you can also view the source code from one of the following sources as well?

  1. Clone the SciChart.Xamarin.Examples from Github.
  2. Also, the SciChart for Xamarin Trial contains the full source code for the Xamarin chart examples (link below).


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