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SciChart for iOS is a new native IOS Charting Library which supports Objective C, Swift 2.0 and the iOS Operating System for development of applications and embedded systems that require high performance, real-time iOS Charts. With groundbreaking performance and an intuitive, extensible API, SciChart’s iOS Chart Library makes impossible projects, possible.

// iOS Chart Features


// Extremely Fast

Exceptional performance of large dataset rendering, our iOS Charts can render over a million points in line or scatter charts at interactive framerates! Benefit from the ultimate efficiency of native-code and GPU-acceleration with our High Performance iOS Charting Library. When building iOS Apps, nothing comes close to the real-time performance of SciChart’s iOS Charts.


// Many Popular Chart Types

including Lines, Digital Lines, Band (High Low Fill) Series, Columns, Scatter Series, Mountain Series, Candlestick charts, OHLC/Candlestick charts and Heatmaps, Stacked Mountain series

// Fully Customizable

Change the appearance of the entire chart by tweaking our default styles! Try creating new user interactions with Chart Modifiers API, new chart annotations with Annotations API! Change the existing chart behaviors via various Behavior Providers!

// Multiple Axis Support

Our iOS Chart Control supports unlimited, multiple, X or Y Axis. Axes can be aligned to the right, bottom, top, left sides, shifted to the center of the chart, rotated to create a vertical chart. Different axis types such as DateTimeAxis, NumericAxis and Logarithmic Axis supported. It is also possible to have several Y or X axes stacked horizontally or vertically in our iOS Charts!



// Rich User Interaction via Touch

We provide a powerful Chart Modifier API that allows Zooming, Panning, Axis Scrolling, Rollovers, Cursors, Tooltips and Hit-Testing via touch. All of these are available out of the box. What’s more is you can create or customize your own touch interactions should you wish.

// Chart Annotations

Rich Chart Annotations API allows creating fully-interactive, customizable chart annotations! Create Watermarks, Buy sell markers, add text, lines or boxes to your iOS Charts with this feature. Many popular annotation types provided out of the box: Lines, Boxes, Text Annotations, Data Point Markers, etc.

// Comprehensive Examples Suite

Our iOS Charting Library ships with 15+ iOS Chart Examples which you can browse and play with to see the features of SciChart iOS on your device. All examples are grouped into Categories by features or action you might want to implement, for example:

Basic Chart Types

Simple examples showing the iOS Chart Types in SciChart

Create a Multi Series

Demonstrates how to create charts with mixed series and stacked chart types.

Extra Features

More complex applications, view and interact with a real-time oscilloscope, annotations, multiple axes, multiple surfaces

What’s more, in-app you can view the source-code for each example and even export examples to a stand-alone XCode project! All of this and more is possible with the SciChart iOS Examples Suite, which has been designed to help you get started quickly with our iOS Charts.



// Extreme Performance for 13x Chart Types

With extreme real-time performance, SciChart for iOS supports the following chart types.

// Real-time iOS Charts Performance

Our incredible iOS Charting performance is provided by a mixture of extensive end-to-end performance optimisations, C / ObjectiveC interop, OpenGL ES rendering engine and intelligent culling / resampling algorithms. You just won’t find real-world iOS charting performance quite like SciChart!

With SciChart iOS Charts it is now possible to display 1,000,000+ point line-charts, 1,000,000+ point scatter charts, or 1,000,000+ bar candlestick/OHLC charts and update in real-time. It’s now possible to execute high-performance real-time charts in Automotive, Financial, Scientific, Process Control applications on hardware running iOS 7 or above. iOS embedded systems is breaking into the mainstream for the Automotive, Process Control, Medical and Engineering industries.

// Rich Core iOS Charting API

Our core SciChart APIs have been refined over four years following feedback from thousands of developers and end-users. Our iOS Charts have amazingly rich APIs for Axis Ranging, Label Formatting, Chart Modifiers (interaction) and RenderableSeries.

  • Rich, Interactive Annotations API
  • Absolute Placement at X,Y Data Values, SciChart Updates Positions Automatically
  • Relative Placement e.g. Top 5%, Left 10%
  • Line Annotation
  • Line Arrow Annotation - coming soon
  • Box Annotation
  • Textbox / Label
  • Vertical Line with Axis Value - coming soon
  • HorizontalLine with Axis Value - coming soon
  • Custom Annotation for any UIElement - coming soon
  • Fibonacci Retracement - coming soon
  • Measure Peak to Peak / Cycle Duration - coming soon
  • Composite Custom Annotation API - coming soon
  • Supports Templating and Styling - coming soon
  • Placement Above or Below the chart
  • Optional Dragging / Resizing via mouse
  • Showing / Hiding via MVVM or in Code - coming soon

  • Unlimited, Multiple X,Y Axis
  • Axis Placement Customisation (Left, Top, Right, Bottom, Centre)
  • Customize Label Formatting, Positioning, Placement – coming soon
  • Numeric, Logarithmic, DateTime, Category and TimeSpan Axis Types
  • Rotate Axis Labels
  • Toggle Gridlines, Ticks and Bands On or Off
  • Style Axis Borders, Gridlines, Ticks and Labels
  • Polar Axis Type
  • Horizontal or Vertical Charts for Oil & Gas Industry
  • Synchronize Axis Sizes across Charts
  • Scientific or Engineering Notation

  • Crosshairs which tracks the mouse with Axis Labels and optional Tooltips
  • Rollover (Vertical line which tracks the mouse) with Hoverable Trackballs and active legends
  • Templatable, Customisable Tooltips on Hover.
  • Drag & Position Vertical Lines which slice your data and show tooltips on series intersection – coming soon
  • Showing Latest Series Values on the YAxis – coming soon
  • Templatable, Active Chart Legends – coming soon
  • Pass Business-objects (Metadata) through to Tooltips – coming soon

  • Hit-Test API for mouse click/hover of series, points.
  • Rich ChartModifier API for overriding MouseDown, MouseMove, MouseUp, Touch behaviours on the chart– coming soon
  • Data-point Selection programmatically or via the mouse – coming soon
  • Series-selection programmatically or via the mouse – coming soon
  • Nearest point to mouse / Is Over point via Hit-Test API
  • Series Values under the mouse via the Rollover API


// Reduce your Development Costs with our World Class Support

Our customers continually rate us the best at providing world-class tech support for our Cross-Platform Charts:

We have several support channels including Forums, Support Tickets and Email and we aim to answer requests within 1-business-day, to get you back up and running and reduce your development costs.

// Build on our World Class Knowledge

Why buy SciChart? It’s a simple chart, surely you could build that yourselves? By outsourcing your Android charting needs to us, you will gain from our world class knowledge from building cross-platform real-time scientific charts, plus get access to our amazing tech-support team.

“Believe us, we implemented the charts our own in our ventilators, we wouldn’t do it again… Have you considered:

  • Resampling if you have more data than pixels?
  • Autoscaling (and configure autoscale to scale within defined limits so that you don’t just show noise)?
  • Interaction with the chart via touch gestures?
  • Performance? Including real-time updates on low-end hardware?
  • Reusing the charts on other projects?

Believe me, just use SciChart and it just works!”

Micheal Guntli from IMT

// Active Development

150,000 lines of code, 3,600 unit tests, 7,500 checkins!

Across Windows, Android and iOS the SciChart family has over 150,000 lines of code, covered by more than 10,000 unit and integration tests, and thousands of checkings to version control. SciChart’s Android Charting Library builds on our four years of experience in charting controls. We are actively developing and supporting our Android Charts and the SciChart project is very active, with a healthy number of users.

// Continuous Delivery

Report a bug, sometimes we fix it same-day and push to Maven / Github. If you’re a SciChart iOS customer you can get the code changes within minutes and apply them to your build, allowing you to get on with your day to day business. Now how many can say that!


// Trusted by Thousands of Developers Worldwide

SciChart is trusted by thousands of developers worldwide and has customers in over 40 countries from sectors including Pharmaceutical, Oil & Gas, Medical, Instrumentation, Defence, Aerospace, Motorsport, Process Automation, Mining, Investment Banking, Trading and more.

// All this starting from $549 / Developer License

SciChart’s iOS Charts are licensed on a perpetual, per-developer licensing model, with royalty free redistribution. You get access to the world’s fastest iOS Charts, starting from just $549 per developer license (without tech support), or $789 USD with 1-years tech support an updates.

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