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High Performance iOS&Android Financial Chart Rendering

High Performance iOS&Android Financial Chart Rendering

Read on to see how Broctagon Solutions incorporated SciCharts both iOS and Android Charting engine into their app to render large financial sector multi-stream Datasets in Realtime.

Platform: iOS&Android

Industry: Financial, Trading

Broctagon Solutions, founded on the belief that the derivatives industry was in an evident need of a better derivatives trading platform needed a Charting component that could handle complicated financial data sets in real time on mobile. Set on ensuring the best end user experience, Broctagon needed a charting solution that was capable of extreme performance and packed extra features for increased functionality whilst looking slick and remaining easy to use.

Challenge:To render in real time the large multi-stream datasets inherent to the financial and trading sectors. Outputting in several different charting styles such as OHLC and Candlesticks alongside overlaid annotations, tooltips and multiple panes without sacrificing smoothness and increasing the end user experience.

Solution:¬†Broctagon utilised SciChart’s Android and SciChart’s iOS Chart Libraries to render large data sets whilst maintaining increased performance and speed in Realtime. Extensive theming and customisation options allowed the support of multiple axis and coordinates whilst improving end user experience with added functionality such as panning, scrolling and series selection.

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By SciChart | Oct 12, 2022

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