iOS & macOS Charting Documentation - SciChart iOS & macOS Charts SDK v4.x

Styling and Theming

SciChart ships with 8 stunning themes which you can select and apply to the charts in your application. Most of the components of SciChart are also stylable, so you can truly customize the chart to fit your application.

The 8 built-in themes are shown below. You can also create your own custom theme, or modify ours to meet your needs.

Theme Name Associated theme Key Result when Applied
v4 Dark SCIChart_SciChartv4DarkStyleKey v4 Dark Theme
Oscilloscope SCIChart_OscilloscopeStyleKey Oscilloscope Theme
Expression Light SCIChart_ExpressionLightStyleKey Expression Light Theme
Expression Dark SCIChart_ExpressionDarkStyleKey Expression Dark Theme
Electric SCIChart_ElectricStyleKey Electric Theme
Chrome SCIChart_ChromeStyleKey Chrome Theme
Bright Spark SCIChart_Bright_SparkStyleKey Bright Spark Theme
Black Steel SCIChart_BlackSteelStyleKey Black Steel Theme

Applying a Theme to the SciChartSurface

To apply a theme to a SCIChartSurface, simply use the following code. Allowable theme keys are available in the table above:

[SCIThemeManager applyThemeToThemeable:self.surface withThemeKey:SCIChart_SciChartv4DarkStyleKey];
SCIThemeManager.applyTheme(to: surface, withThemeKey: SCIChart_SciChartv4DarkStyleKey)
SCIThemeManager.ApplyTheme(Surface, SCIThemeManager.SciChartv4Dark);

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