iOS & macOS Charting Documentation - SciChart iOS & macOS Charts SDK v4.x


@interface SCIChartSurface3D : SCIChartSurfaceBase <ISCIChartSurface3D>

Provides a high performance Metal (or OpenGL) powered 3D chart surface. Multiple ISCIRenderableSeries3D are drawn over an Axis Cube, which contains the visual representation of X,Y and Z ISCIAxis3D instances. Each Renderable Series has a ISCIDataSeries3D, which provides the data-source. The SCIChartSurface3D supports one or more ISCIChartModifier3D via the ISCIChartSurface3D.chartModifiers property. These are used to affect behaviour such as zooming, panning and tooltips. Finally, a ISCICameraController instance is applied to the SCIChartSurface3D to define the view into the 3D scene.