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Axis Styling - Title and Labels

Each and Every aspect of the axis can be styled. The Axis is responsible for drawing the following parts:

In this article we are going to focus on Axis Title and Axis Labels styling.

NOTE: In SciChart, almost all styling methods expect an instance of either SCIPenStyle or SCIBrushStyle to be passed in. Those that deal with text styling, expect an instance of a SCIFontStyle. To learn more about how to utilize them, please refer to the SCIPenStyle, SCIBrushStyle and SCIFontStyle article.

Axis Title

The SCIFontStyle object can be applied to axis labels via the ISCIAxisCore.titleStyle property.

In addition to font style, there are several options available for positioning of the title, including inside the axis area:

Axis Labels

The tick labels can be hidden or shown on an axis via the ISCIAxisCore.drawLabels property. To make the labels at the edges to always appear inside the axis area, use the ISCIAxis.autoFitMarginalLabels property.

The SCIFontStyle object can be applied to axis labels via the ISCIAxisCore.tickLabelStyle property.

Also, there is SCIAxisTickLabelStyle available for controlling alignment, margin and rotation angle of each Label during rendering.

Let’s try to modify our Multiple Axes Example with the following code, and see what we can achieve:

id<ISCIAxis> xTopAxis = [SCINumericAxis new]; xTopAxis.axisId = TopAxisId; xTopAxis.axisAlignment = SCIAxisAlignment_Top; xTopAxis.axisTitle = @“Top Axis”; xTopAxis.axisTitlePlacement = SCIAxisTitlePlacement_Bottom; xTopAxis.titleStyle = [[SCIFontStyle alloc] initWithFontSize:18 andTextColorCode:0xFF279B27]; xTopAxis.tickLabelStyle = [[SCIFontStyle alloc] initWithFontSize:12 andTextColorCode:0xFF279B27]; id<ISCIAxis> xBottomAxis = [SCINumericAxis new]; xBottomAxis.axisId = BottomAxisId; xBottomAxis.axisAlignment = SCIAxisAlignment_Bottom; xBottomAxis.axisTitle = @“Bottom Axis”; xBottomAxis.titleStyle = [[SCIFontStyle alloc] initWithFontSize:18 andTextColorCode:0xFFFF1919]; xBottomAxis.tickLabelStyle = [[SCIFontStyle alloc] initWithFontSize:12 andTextColorCode:0xFFFF1919]; id<ISCIAxis> yLeftAxis = [SCINumericAxis new]; yLeftAxis.axisId = LeftAxisId; yLeftAxis.growBy = [[SCIDoubleRange alloc] initWithMin:0.1 max:0.1]; yLeftAxis.axisAlignment = SCIAxisAlignment_Left; yLeftAxis.axisTitle = @“Left Axis”; yLeftAxis.axisTitleAlignment = SCIAlignment_Top; yLeftAxis.axisTitlePlacement = SCIAxisTitlePlacement_Inside; yLeftAxis.axisTitleMargins = (UIEdgeInsets){ .top = 5, .left = 20 }; yLeftAxis.titleStyle = [[SCIFontStyle alloc] initWithFontSize:18 andTextColorCode:0xFFFC9C29]; yLeftAxis.tickLabelStyle = [[SCIFontStyle alloc] initWithFontSize:12 andTextColorCode:0xFFFC9C29]; yLeftAxis.axisTickLabelStyle = [[SCIAxisTickLabelStyle alloc] initWithAlignment:SCIAlignment_Center margins:UIEdgeInsetsZero andRotationAngle:45]; id<ISCIAxis> yRightAxis = [SCINumericAxis new]; yRightAxis.axisId = RightAxisId; yRightAxis.growBy = [[SCIDoubleRange alloc] initWithMin:0.1 max:0.1]; yRightAxis.axisAlignment = SCIAxisAlignment_Right; yRightAxis.isCenterAxis = YES; yRightAxis.axisTitle = @“Right Axis”; yRightAxis.axisTitleAlignment = SCIAlignment_Bottom; yRightAxis.axisTitlePlacement = SCIAxisTitlePlacement_Left; yRightAxis.tickLabelStyle = [[SCIFontStyle alloc] initWithFontSize:12 andTextColorCode:0xFF4083B7]; yRightAxis.titleStyle = [[SCIFontStyle alloc] initWithFontSize:18 andTextColorCode:0xFF4083B7];
let xTopAxis = SCINumericAxis() xTopAxis.axisId = TopAxisId xTopAxis.axisAlignment = .top xTopAxis.axisTitle = “Top Axis” xTopAxis.axisTitlePlacement = .bottom xTopAxis.titleStyle = SCIFontStyle(fontSize: 18, andTextColorCode: 0xFF279B27) xTopAxis.tickLabelStyle = SCIFontStyle(fontSize: 12, andTextColorCode: 0xFF279B27) let xBottomAxis = SCINumericAxis() xBottomAxis.axisId = BottomAxisId xBottomAxis.axisAlignment = .bottom xBottomAxis.axisTitle = “Bottom Axis” xBottomAxis.titleStyle = SCIFontStyle(fontSize: 18, andTextColorCode: 0xFFFF1919) xBottomAxis.tickLabelStyle = SCIFontStyle(fontSize: 12, andTextColorCode: 0xFFFF1919) let yLeftAxis = SCINumericAxis() yLeftAxis.axisId = LeftAxisId yLeftAxis.growBy = SCIDoubleRange(min: 0.1, max: 0.1) yLeftAxis.axisAlignment = .left yLeftAxis.axisTitle = “Left Axis” yLeftAxis.axisTitleAlignment = .top yLeftAxis.axisTitlePlacement = .inside yLeftAxis.axisTitleMargins = UIEdgeInsets(top: 5, left: 20, bottom: 0, right: 0) yLeftAxis.titleStyle = SCIFontStyle(fontSize: 18, andTextColorCode: 0xFFFC9C29) yLeftAxis.tickLabelStyle = SCIFontStyle(fontSize: 12, andTextColorCode: 0xFFFC9C29) yLeftAxis.axisTickLabelStyle = SCIAxisTickLabelStyle(alignment: .center, margins: .zero, andRotationAngle: 45) let yRightAxis = SCINumericAxis() yRightAxis.axisId = RightAxisId yRightAxis.growBy = SCIDoubleRange(min: 0.1, max: 0.1) yRightAxis.axisAlignment = .right yRightAxis.isCenterAxis = true yRightAxis.axisTitle = “Right Axis” yRightAxis.axisTitleAlignment = .bottom yRightAxis.axisTitlePlacement = .left yRightAxis.titleStyle = SCIFontStyle(fontSize: 18, andTextColorCode: 0xFF4083B7) yRightAxis.tickLabelStyle = SCIFontStyle(fontSize: 12, andTextColorCode: 0xFF4083B7)
var xTopAxis = new SCINumericAxis(); xTopAxis.AxisId = TopAxisId; xTopAxis.AxisAlignment = SCIAxisAlignment.Top; xTopAxis.AxisTitle = “Top Axis”; xTopAxis.AxisTitlePlacement = SCIAxisTitlePlacement.Bottom; xTopAxis.TitleStyle = new SCIFontStyle(18, 0xFF279B27); xTopAxis.TickLabelStyle = new SCIFontStyle(12, 0xFF279B27); var xBottomAxis = new SCINumericAxis(); xBottomAxis.AxisId = BottomAxisId xBottomAxis.AxisAlignment = SCIAxisAlignment.Bottom; xBottomAxis.AxisTitle = “Bottom Axis”; xBottomAxis.TitleStyle = new SCIFontStyle(18, 0xFFFF1919); xBottomAxis.TickLabelStyle = new SCIFontStyle(12, 0xFFFF1919); var yLeftAxis = new SCINumericAxis(); yLeftAxis.AxisId = LeftAxisId yLeftAxis.GrowBy = new SCIDoubleRange(0.1, 0.1); yLeftAxis.AxisAlignment = SCIAxisAlignment.Left; yLeftAxis.AxisTitle = “Left Axis”; yLeftAxis.AxisTitleAlignment = SCIAlignment.Top; yLeftAxis.AxisTitlePlacement = SCIAxisTitlePlacement.Inside; yLeftAxis.AxisTitleMargins = new UIEdgeInsets(5, 20, 0, 0); yLeftAxis.TitleStyle = new SCIFontStyle(18, 0xFFFC9C29); yLeftAxis.TickLabelStyle = new SCIFontStyle(12, 0xFFFC9C29); yLeftAxis.AxisTickLabelStyle = new SCIAxisTickLabelStyle(SCIAlignment.Center, UIEdgeInsets.Zero, 45); var yRightAxis = new SCINumericAxis(); yRightAxis.AxisId = RightAxisId yRightAxis.GrowBy = new SCIDoubleRange(0.1, 0.1); yRightAxis.AxisAlignment = SCIAxisAlignment.Right; yRightAxis.IsCenterAxis = true; yRightAxis.AxisTitle = “Right Axis”; yRightAxis.AxisTitleAlignment = SCIAlignment.Bottom; yRightAxis.AxisTitlePlacement = SCIAxisTitlePlacement.Left; yRightAxis.TitleStyle = new SCIFontStyle(18, 0xFF4083B7); yRightAxis.TickLabelStyle = new SCIFontStyle(12, 0xFF4083B7);

Title Positioning

NOTE: You might notice, that Right Axis title, labels and ticks are placed inside the chart area. This behaviour is controlled by ISCIAxis.isCenterAxis. To learn more, please refer to Axis Placement article.