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PointMarker 3D API

SciChart features a rich PointMarkers 3D API to annotate the data-points of certain 3D series with markers, e.g. Pyramid, Sphere, Ellipse, Quad or even a Custom Shape marker. Some series types, such as Scatter RenderableSeries 3D or Impulse RenderableSeries 3D, require a PointMarker3D assigned to them unless they won’t render at all.

This article is about how to configure and add PointMarkers 3D to a ISCIRenderableSeries3D to render markers for every data point.

PointMarkers 3D API

NOTE: Examples of using PointMarkers API can be found in the SciChart iOS Examples Suite as well as on GitHub:

PointMarker 3D Types

SciChart provides several PointMarker 3D shapes out of the box, which are of 2 types: Flat-Texture and Mesh (Volumetric) which can be found below:

Flat-Texture PointMarkers Mesh (Volumetric) PointMarkers
SCITrianglePointMarker3D SCIPyramidPointMarker3D
SCIQuadPointMarker3D SCICubePointMarker3D
SCIEllipsePointMarker3D SCISpherePointMarker3D
SCIPixelPointMarker3D SCICylinderPointMarker3D

It is possible to have a custom Flat-Texture PointMarker, and there is a SCICustomPointMarker3D for such purpose. It allows to render a point marker from a SCIBitmap (which is a simple wrapper around the CGContext). For more details, refer to the Custom PointMarkers 3D section down the page.

All the PointMarker types are inherited from the SCIBasePointMarker3D, which provides the following properties for styling point markers:

PointMarker property Description
SCIBasePointMarker3D.size Allows to specify the size of a PointMarker. PointMarkers will not appear if this value isn’t set.
SCIBasePointMarker3D.fillColor Specifies the fill color which will be used while drawing the PointMarker instance.
SCIBasePointMarker3D.markerType Defines the SCIMarkerType for this point marker.

Using PointMarkers 3D

Code for creation and assigning a PointMarker 3D to a ISCIRenderableSeries3D is essentially the same regardless of a PointMarker type. After an instance of it has been created, it can be configured and then applied to the ISCIRenderableSeries3D.pointMarker property:

// Create a Sphere PointMarker 3D instance SCISpherePointMarker3D *pointMarker = [SCISpherePointMarker3D new]; pointMarker.size = 25.0; pointMarker.fillColor = 0xFFFF0000; // Apply the PointMarker to a PointLine Series 3D id<ISCIRenderableSeries3D> rSeries = [SCIPointLineRenderableSeries3D new]; rSeries.pointMarker = pointMarker;
// Create a Sphere PointMarker 3D instance let pointMarker = SCISpherePointMarker3D() pointMarker.size = 25.0 pointMarker.fillColor = 0xFFFF0000 // Apply the PointMarker to a PointLine Series 3D let rSeries = SCIPointLineRenderableSeries3D() rSeries.pointMarker = pointMarker
// Create a Sphere PointMarker 3D instance var pointMarker = new SCISpherePointMarker3D { Size = 25.0f, FillColor = 0xFFFF0000 }; // Apply the PointMarker to a PointLine Series 3D var rSeries = new SCIPointLineRenderableSeries3D { PointMarker = pointMarker };

The code above will produce the following chart (assuming that the data has been added to the PointLine Series):

PointMarker 3D Example

Custom PointMarkers 3D

SciChart iOS 3D provides a possibility to draw custom Flat-Texture PointMarkers via the SCICustomPointMarker3D class. All you need to do - is to provide SCIBitmap texture which will be used as sprite, and then - rendered onto a 3d world.

Please see the example below:

// Create custom PointMarker 3D SCICustomPointMarker3D *pointMarker = [[SCICustomPointMarker3D alloc] initWithBitmap:[UIImage imageNamed:@“”].sciBitmap]; pointMarker.size = 10.f; // Apply the point onto a Scatter Series 3D SCIScatterRenderableSeries3D *rs = [SCIScatterRenderableSeries3D new]; rs.pointMarker = pointMarker;
// Create custom PointMarker 3D let pointMarker = SCICustomPointMarker3D(bitmap: SCIBitmap(image: #imageLiteral(resourceName: “”))) pointMarker.size = 10.0 // Apply the point onto a Scatter Series 3D let rs = SCIScatterRenderableSeries3D() rs.pointMarker = pointMarker
// Create custom PointMarker 3D var pointMarker = new SCICustomPointMarker3D(new UIImage(“”).SciBitmap()) { Size = 10.0f }; // Apply the point onto a Scatter Series 3D var rSeries = new SCIScatterRenderableSeries3D { PointMarker = pointMarker };

NOTE: There are helper methods provided to create the SCIBitmap - either via it’s static ctor - +[SCIBitmap bitmapWithImage:] or -[UIImage(SCIBitmap) sciBitmap] extension.

This would result in the following chart:

Custom PointMarker 3D