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3D Chart Types

All 3D Chart types in SciChart iOS provided by the RenderableSeries 3D API.

The ISCIRenderableSeries3D is the visual representation of the [X, Y, Z] underlying data provided by the corresponding ISCIDataSeries3D.

All RenderableSeries are inherited from SCIBaseRenderableSeries3D and are added to the SCIRenderableSeriesCollection which is stored in ISCIChartSurface3D.renderableSeries property. This collection supports multiple RenderableSeries instances of different types. Each RenderableSeries is rendered to the screen, displaying the data from an associated ISCIDataSeries3D.

The list of 3D RenderableSeries provided out of the box is available below:

Read on to learn more about the features, that all RenderableSeries 3D have in common. For specific features of any RenderableSeries - please refer to a corresponding article on this series type.

Common RenderableSeries 3D Features

As mentioned above - all 3D series types in SciChart iOS conforms to the ISCIRenderableSeries3D protocol. The list of some common features shared by all the series types can be found below:

Feature Description
ISCIRenderableSeries3D.dataSeries A DataSeries is the data-source for a RenderableSeries 3D. Please see the ISCIDataSeries3D API documentation for more info.
ISCIRenderableSeriesCore.isVisible Allows to hide or show a series.
ISCIRenderableSeriesCore.isSelected A series can be made Selected to be drawn on the top of other RenderableSeries.
ISCIRenderableSeries3D.pointMarker This feature lets you set an optional marker on data points, e.g. Ellipse, Square, Cube, etc.. Its usage is described minutely in the PointMarker API article.
ISCIRenderableSeries3D.metadataProvider The MetadataProvider API allows changing the color of a series on a per-point basis. Please see the MetadataProvider 3D API article for more information.
ISCIRenderableSeries3D.seriesInfoProvider Allows to customize the result of inspection of a series by Chart Modifiers 3D. Also can be used to specify how modifiers tooltips have to appear for this series. Please refer to the Cursors and Tooltips section for more info.
ISCIRenderableSeries3D.seriesColor Allows to specify the color which will be used while drawing this series.
ISCIRenderableSeries3D.selectedVertexColor Allows to specify the color for selected vertexes. Please refer to the Vertex Selection Modifier 3D article for more details.
ISCIRenderableSeries3D.shininess Defines how much the surface material is shining. Expect value in [0.0f...1024.0] range.
ISCIRenderableSeries3D.specularStrength Defines how bright and visible is the shining spot.
ISCIRenderableSeries3D.specularColor Defines the material specular color.
ISCIRenderableSeries3D.diffuseColor Defines the material diffuse color.

NOTE: You might want to visit our API documentation for the above properties, which is available on the ISCIRenderableSeries3D page.

For more comprehensive walkthrough into any feature or specifics of any series type please refer to articles on that series type. The list of the series types available out of the box can be found at the beginning of this article.