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Visualisation of Workouts Data

Visualisation of Workouts Data

Discover how RepCount uses SciChart in their application, designed to improve the training experience by logging information of users’ workouts. See the solution implemented on both iOS and Android devices.

Platform: iOS and Android

Industry: Health and Fitness

RepCount is an application that gives a quick and easy way to track and analyze your gym sessions. Basic workout logging is free and unlimited; more advanced features including graphing the logged data and deep analysis of users’ results are available for the subscribers only. Charting is an essential part of the application that equips users with powerful knowledge about their workouts and brings a competitive advantage to the application.

Challenge: When looking for a charting vendor the main concern and therefore a goal was to find a solution that has not only a great performance but also active support and updates of the product.

Solution: SciChart charting was successfully implemented on both iOS and Android platforms. Supporting the latest software updates and supporting Metal for iOS platform. The performance handles the data of more than 1000 workouts sessions and is way-way far from its limits. The API was used as it is for the most charting and interactions with the charts. The customer was also able to modify the features easily to create a custom spline series of their own.

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By SciChart | Oct 12, 2022

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