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Realtime iOS Charting for Cardiac Data

Realtime iOS Charting for Cardiac Data

Read on to see how iHealth Technologies Ltd built a health & fitness app using SciChart on iPhone & iPad to display accurate Realtime iOS charts for large amounts of data points derived from Polarsec and MyZone Heart rate monitors.

Platform: iOS (iPhone, iPad, iWatch)

Industry: Health & Fitness

iHealth’s vision was to create a fitness app that would be taken seriously. Something that was considered a real training tool, that offered measurable improvements by tracking heart rate data, %VO2 max and physiological stress levels backed by Biometric driven software giving each user adaptive and individualised targets.

Challenge: To display 70,000 points of heart rate data accurately and in Realtime. Data is recorded live during custom training sessions to show the calculated “effort” index and true heart rate trends in a custom line and bar chart whilst maintaining a smooth UI across platforms.

Solution: Custom iOS charts were integrated into the iHealth app complying with existing styling. Namely custom bar and line charts that could handle the data sets, visualize live heart-rate data and maintain a smooth, rich touch interaction with added panning, pinch to zoom, drag and tooltips functionality.

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By SciChart | Oct 12, 2022

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