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WPF Custom SeriesValue Marker Example

Demonstrates how to add multiple axis markers for the SeriesValueModifier on composite renderable series. By default, SeriesValueModifier shows multiple axis markers for the following composite series: […]

WPF 3D Customize Scene Lightning

This 3D Chart demo shows how to control the light direction on the SciChart3DSurface using Viewport3D methods. The Viewport3D is attached to the SciChart3DSurface.Viewport3D property and […]

iOS & macOS Scatter Performance Demo (20k points)

Demonstrates the speed and power of SciChart’s iOS Charts in a real-time. The high-performance is very important for charts used in Trading, Medical and Scientific applications […]

Xamarin Series Value Modifier

This example demonstrates how to use the series value modifier with Xamarin in SciChart. It is a very popular feature for the Financial and Trading applications […]