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WPF Chart Trading Buy Sell Markers

The Trade Markers demo uses the Annotations API to place CustomAnnotations rendering buy and sell or news bullet markers over a simulated price chart. The CustomAnnotations […]
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WPF Trade Annotations

Demonstrates how to place the trading annotations, that are commonly used in trading and financial applications over a chart by click in realtime as well as […]

WPF Polar Chart Annotations

Generates polar charts with all supported annotation types. Note! Polar Chart currently does not support HorizontalLineAnnotation and VerticalLineAnnotation. Documentation Links – Polar Chart Types – Polar […]

WPF Chart Interaction with Annotations

Demonstrates how you may interact with annotations that have been placed on a chart, using the UIElement Annotations API. To make an annotation Read-only, set AnnotationBase.IsEditable=false. […]