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WPF Custom SeriesValue Marker Example

Demonstrates how to add multiple axis markers for the SeriesValueModifier on composite renderable series. By default, SeriesValueModifier shows multiple axis markers for the following composite series: […]

WPF Using Label Provider

SciChart API is designed to be very flexible. You can customize every element of the chart to your needs. We have created an example that demonstrates […]

WPF Heatmap Peak Detector

Demonstrates how to create a UniformHeatmap and use Automatic Peak Detection to highlight peaks on dense heatmaps. This is useful when heatmap is bigger than a […]

WPF Scatter Series Ternary Chart

Generates a Ternary Scatter chart in code. The TernaryScatterRenderableSeries can be used to render an XyzDataSeries. The scatter chart uses the PointMarker API to define the […]