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iOS & macOS Surface Mesh With Contours 3D Chart

The surface mesh charts are used to explore the relationships among three-dimensional data. SciChart API allows you to add contours to the mesh to represent the […]

iOS & macOS Surface Mesh 3D PaletteProvider

This example demonstrates how to use the PaletteProvider API to color SurfaceMesh cells individually. Please read more about applying Palettes to a Surface Mesh in SciChart […]

iOS & macOS Surface Mesh 3D Floor and Ceiling Chart

SciChart iOS 3D Charting Component ships with various 3D chart types. Those are complemented by a number of features out of the box, to make it […]

iOS & macOS Simple Uniform Mesh Chart 3D

SciChart iOS 3D Charting Component supports plotting the basics Surface Meshes. This example shows how to use SCISurfaceMeshRenderableSeries3D and SCIUniformGridDataSeries3D to plot the iOS Uniform Mesh […]