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JavaScript Heatmap Interactions Wave Simulation Demo

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Getting Started

This demo showcases a wave-simulation running entirely in browser and visualised by SciChart.js – JavaScript Charts.

Try clicking one of the presets on the top menu bar to see a double-slit experiment, a basic example or to show help/info.

What’s happening in this example/demo?

  • Top left: the wave simulation is running and output into a 2D heatmap or spectrogram chart.
  • Top right: displays a cross-section of the heatmap at the point where the cross-hairs are. These lines are rendered using our PaletteProvider API which allows per-point colouring and gradient line effect. Try dragging the cross-hairs to see the cross-section update.
  • Bottom left: The input parameters to the simulation. You can drag on the chart here to update the input parameters by editing chart series dynamically on the fly
  • Bottom right: point-outputs shows more outputs of the simulation updating in real-time.

This showcase demo makes use of many features of SciChart.js, including custom modifiers, PaletteProvider (gradient lines), editable annotations, custom behaviours to update the data on a chart and real-time updates.

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