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Javascript Interactive Waterfall Spectrogram Chart

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Getting Started

In this demo we showcase the flexibility of SciChart.js to create interactive dynamic charts which respond to mouse-over hover and click events.

In the top chart: we’ve visualized 50 waveforms showing frequency spectra over time. To achieve the 3D effect we’re using a 2D chart but offsetting axis position in X & Y.

As you hover or click the top chart, the bottom-left chart updates. This is achieved using our SeriesSelectionModifier which adds selection / hover callbacks out of the box.

Lastly, we’ve added a custom annotation using SVG that you can drag. Dragging the position of this annotation updates the chart in the bottom left, which shows a cross-section of the spectra.

Using this demo you can appreciate the flexibility of SciChart and how you can add rich interactions to your scientific, engineering or business applications.

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