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Getting Started

New to SciChart.js v3 and above! You can now add text data-labels to charts. The DataLabels API places text labels above or below data-points using our WebGL rendering engine.

Datalabels are fast: thousands of labels may be placed on a chart without slowdown.

With SciChart.js you can:

  • Display the Y-value, X,Y value, or custom text at each data-point.
  • Cull labels which overlap or specify which labels are visible
  • You can configure the colour of labels on a per-point basis

How to add DataLabels to SciChart.js

To enable text labels in SciChart.js, simply set the dataLabels property on any series.

const colSeries = new FastColumnRenderableSeries(wasmContext, {
	dataSeries: new XyDataSeries(wasmContext, data1),
	stroke: "Orange",
	fill: "Orange",
	dataPointWidth: 0.7,
	strokeThickness: 1,
	dataLabels: {
		// To enable datalabels, set style properties fontFamily and size
		style: { fontFamily: "Arial", fontSize: 14, padding: new Thickness(5,0,5,0) },
		color: "White",
		// Normal label format and precision options are supported
		precision: 2


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