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JavaScript Candlestick Chart

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SciChart.js ships with over 80 JavaScript Chart demos which you can browse, view the source code and see related documentation. Build incredible complex dashboards with SciChart.js, our High Performance JavaScript Chart Library.

Getting Started

This JavaScript Chart demo shows you how to create a JavaScript Candlestick Chart or Stock Chart using SciChart.js.

SciChart.js supports Candlestick Charts with custom colors per bar and a Date X-Axis. Candlestick charts can be animated, dynamically updated for real trading apps or combined with other series types to draw technical indicators or shapes.

By signing up with SciChart.js, you’ll have access to over 80 chart examples, including customizable financial charts. Compared to other chart software vendors, our samples have more sophisticated features, all with simple to understand instructions and documentation. Your developers can also benefit from our responsive support team.

Try dragging on the chart to pan or zoom it. Use the mousewheel to zoom and double-click to zoom to fit.

Documentation Links

SciChart.js Documentation Home
SciChart.js Tutorials
JavaScript Candlestick Chart Documentation
Common RenderableSeries Properties

Candlestick Charts for traders

The most popular chart type for traders is the candlestick chart. Candlestick provides visual support for making decisions in the case of stocks, foreign exchange or commodities.

Sometimes, in trading, you are not able to see the volume of data you require. With SciChart.js, there are fewer limitations – for instance, you can visualize a year’s worth of 1-minute OHLC bars in a Candlestick Chart, as opposed to a few days. We help you present even the most complex data sets in a way that’s easy to navigate and understand, all with high performance.

Our candlestick graphs support interactive elements including animation, zooming and panning. Our boilerplates integrate easily with all your JavaScript frameworks, including Angular, Vue, Blazor, React, Electron and Next.js.

Start creating more sophisticated financial charts to describe the price changes of a security or currency with SciChart.js.

Ready to create your JavaScript Candlestick Chart?

SciChart.js is the latest software to be added to our award-winning chart library portfolio. Our priority is to enable the creation of high-performance JavaScript charts for all your digital applications. To use locally, simply sign-up and follow the steps.

Create complex, fast-rendering financial charts in just a few steps!

Our dedicated SciChart.js Getting Started guide has all the information you need to:

  • Start for free with our community edition.
  • Access step-by-step code JavaScript Candlestick Chart samples to create charts with NPM and Webpack.
  • Access over 80 chart examples and customizable features with our examples app.
  • Get building your first charting app with our tutorials.

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Why Use SciChart JavaScript Chart Library?

  • Supports millions of data points
  • Fast rendering for real-time data feeds
  • Supports customizable, interactive features
  • 5-star rated support for developers
  • Winner of Queen’s Award for Innovation

Frequently Asked Questions

Are your JavaScript Candlestick Charts responsive?
Yes – all our JavaScript charts offer cross-browser and device compatibility. This means they will automatically appear in the right format no matter what browser or device your web application viewers are using.

What features do your JavaScript Candlestick Charts offer?
We pride ourselves on offering the fastest rendering JavaScript charts. Our features enable you to visualise more data more effectively, so you can make informed decisions. Customizable and interactive design features ensure you can deliver charts that are on-brand and engaging for the user.

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View source code
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