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JavaScript Pie Chart

JavaScript Chart - Examples

SciChart.js ships with over 80 JavaScript Chart demos which you can browse, view the source code and see related documentation. Build incredible complex dashboards with SciChart.js, our High Performance JavaScript Chart Library.

Getting Started

For an example that demonstrates how to create a JavaScript Pie Chart, our demo code teaches you how to do this with SciChart’s JavaScript Charting Library.

Pie Charts in SciChart.js support selection, legends, different text labels, animated updates, gradient or solid fills and much more.

You can change the fill color of every segment and the style of its label. Every segment can be highlighted by clicking on it or when selected in the legend.

Ready to create your pie chart in JavaScript?

SciChart software is built to create high performance JavaScript charts. To use it locally for free, sign-up to our community edition.

See SciChart.js Getting Started guide to:

  • Get started for free.
  • Code a chart with NPM and Webpack and step-by-step code samples.
  • Compile our examples app and get access to more than 80 chart examples, including customizable JavaScript pie charts.
  • Build your first charting app with our tutorials.

You can compile our charting app with NPM install and our demos are easy to follow.

Powering your data charts with our software can deliver high-quality results.

For more complex functionality, we have tutorials and documentation. You can also access our knowledgeable support team for advice. We offer boilerplates for the most popular frameworks, including Angular, Vue, Blazor, React, Electron and Next.js.

Get Started For Free
Create JavaScript Pie Charts and more (no credit card required).

Case Uses & Industries

Pie charts are a common form of data visualisation that doesn’t require advanced graph-reading knowledge. People simply glance at the areas and compare their sizes to interpret the data. It’s most effective for expressing a part-to-whole relationship, visualising parts or percentages.

Any industry can benefit from applying this type of chart to their web applications. A popular use case includes sales performance dashboards in the retail sector. For example, they can show the percentage of different customer demographics or compare revenue from various products.

Why Use SciChart JavaScript Chart Library?

  • Supports tens of millions of data points
  • Fast rendering for real-time data feeds
  • Supports customizable, interactive features
  • 5-star rated support for developers
  • Winner of the Queen’s Award for Innovation

Frequently Asked Questions

How does a pie chart differ from a donut chart?
Pie charts and donut charts consist of a circle divided into segments that represent the component parts of the whole. Donut charts differ by having a hole in the center. Which one you should choose will entirely depend on you and your audience’s visual data preferences.

I have a question about your JavaScript pie charts – who can I contact?
We operate 5-star rated support for developers.

  • If you have any questions for sales, licensing or purchasing, please contact us or visit our sales support.
  • Priority support customers can submit a ticket at From there, you can select JavaScript to access the right experts.
  • Customers can also use our active forum at

If I want to pay for a licence, what are my payment options?
Payment options include credit card online, wire-transfer or purchase order internationally. Browse our full list of products to get your SciChart.js licence today.

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