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JavaScript Vital Signs ECG/EKG Medical Demo

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Showcases how SciChart.js can be used in a Medical context, drawing ECGs with our High Performance JavaScript Charts

In this example we are simulating four channels of data showing that SciChart.js can be used to draw real-time ECG/EKG charts and graphs to monitor heart reate, body temperature, blood pressure, pulse rate, SPO2 blood oxygen, volumetric flow and more.

SciChart.js will help you short-cut your development by providing rich, real-time high performance and reliable charts for JavaScript medical and healthcare applications.

This example uses the GlowShaderEffect – an effect that can be tagged onto BaseRenderableSeries in SciChart to add oscilloscope/VDU style glow effects. A single point-marker is added to render the latest point which also has the glow applied. Try it out!

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