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WPF Chart Billion Points Fastest WPF Chart

WPF Chart FIFO 1 billion points demo

This demo showcases the incredible performance when rendering streaming (scrolling) line charts. It showcases that SciChart is capable of rendering 1 billion (1,000,000,000) points in real-time […]

WPF Chart Scatter Chart Performance

This demo showcases the loading or startup time of SciChart by appending one million points to a Scatter Chart and rendering at interactive framerates! Documentation Links […]

WPF Chart Realtime Performance Demo

Demonstrates the speed and power of SciChart in a real-time example. Creates a threadpool timer and pushes 1000 points every 10ms to three series on the […]

WPF Chart Realtime 2D Scatter Chart

Runs an NBody simulation with 100,000 entities using the Task Parallel Library. The results are plotted on a SciChart XyScatterRenderableSeries at 30 FPS. Documentation Links – […]