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Android Using ThemeManager Example

SciChart ships with 8 stunning themes, which you can apply to your charts with a single line of code. This example showcases the themes, and how […]

Android Chart Pointmarkers

Demonstrates the PointMarker API which allows data-point markers to be added to many RenderableSeries types.Now built-in types handle Ellipse, Square, Cross, Triangle and a special type […]

Android Use Palette Provider

Demonstrates how to use the PaletteProvider API to color lines and points individually. Tips! Using this API you can color individual data points of the following […]

Android Chart Heatmap Custom Palette

Demonstrates how to use the PaletteProvider API to change Heatmap colors in real-time. The SeekBar is used to provide a threshold value to the IUniformHeatmapPaletteProvider instance, […]