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Scroll WPF Chart using Overview Control

Demonstrates a supplimentary control, the SciChartOverview. This control can be bound to a parent SciChartSurface and renders the first series on that surface in entirely. A […]

WPF Chart Per-Axis Scrollbars

Demonstrates the use of the SciChartScrollBar control. You can define ScrollBar as a part of an Axis or as a sepparate control, and bind to Axis […]

WPF Chart Pan Y or X Direction

Demonstrates using the ZoomPanModifier, part of the ChartModifier API, which allows panning the chart while dragging the mouse. Mouse-dragging of of the SciChartSurface causes the viewport […]

WPF Chart Pan on Mouse-Drag

Demonstrates mouse-dragging of SciChart: Overlays three series on a SciChartSurface and applies the ZoomPanModifier. This is a built-in ChartModifierBase derived class which adds the behavior of […]