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iOS & macOS Spline Mountain Chart

This example showcases how to create Spline Mountain (Area) Series that is provided by the SCISplineMountainRenderableSeries type. The iOS Spline Mountain Series can be used when […]

iOS & macOS Spline Line Chart

This example demonstrates how the Spline line chart in iOS can be created using SCISplineLineRenderableSeries type. The iOS Spline line API includes the algorithm to smooth […]

iOS & macOS Spline Band Chart

Spline Band Series are provided by the SCISplineBandRenderableSeries type. This accepts data (X, Y, Y1) from a SCIXyyDataSeries and renders two lines with a polygon, which […]

iOS & macOS Scatter Chart

Generates a Scatter chart in code. See Documentation on how to use this type here: The iOS Scatter Chart Documentation. The SCIXyScatterRenderableSeries can be used to […]