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Can Resellers Purchase SciChart Licenses?

Resellers or Purchasing departments may purchase licenses on behalf of an end-user, or, list our products on their website without a formal agreement with us. All you need to do is to visit the SciChart Store online andcheck the option ‘I am a Reseller’ on checkout, and include separate purchaser / end-user information when buying SciChart software online.

If you are reselling SciChart software and you wish to list us in your directory, please do! You may use our Logo from our website or any imagery on the SciChart site, so long as you credit SciChart as the origin


How to enable Reseller Options in our store How to enable Reseller Options in our store
How to Enter Reseller Information on Checkout How to Enter Reseller Information on Checkout

To checkout as a reseller on behalf of a client

  • Select the option ‘I am a reseller’ during checkout in our store
  • During checkout you will be given a separate Purchaser & End-User contact section
  • Licenses will be emailed to the End-user on purchase. Invoices will be emailed to the Purchaser only

List of Resellers

In addition to our global e-commerce provided by FastSpring, the following resellers have purchased SciChart products on behalf of their clients in the past.

  1. Comparex Group
  2. CompuWave
  3. SHI International Corp.
  4. Software One.
  5. Cogito Software Co (China,Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore).
  6. Syssoft LLC (Russian Federation and CIS Countries). Please note that Russia is currently subject to trade sanctions which SciChart is in full compliance with.
  7. Grey Matter (United Kingdom and Ireland).
  8. Cogito Solutions Ltd (Canada, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore).

Reseller Terms & Conditions

Resellers or Purchasing departments may purchase licenses on behalf of an end-user, or, list our products on their website without a formal agreement with us, subject to the following terms:

  1. Resellers may purchase licenses from SCICHART LTD, or FastSpring (BrightMarket LLC) via our website on behalf of their clients.
  2. Resellers must disclose the end-user company name, primary contact and emails when purchasing licenses. Without this information, your end-user will not be able to access support or updates for SciChart.
    1. For end-users who purchase via a reseller, we reserve the right not to honour activation, support or updates for licenses issued in the name of a reseller company as opposed to the end-user company.
  3. Resellers may add a processing fee to the cost of the SciChart licenses, to be agreed with your client.
  4. Resellers may utilise our renewal or multi-purchase discounts, but no other discount will be provided to resellers when acting as an intermediary to sell our products.
  5. Renewals and multi-purchase discounts are not transferrable across clients of a particular reseller. E.g. If client A has purchased 5 licenses, then client B is not eligible for the 30% multi-purchase discount. Similarly, if Client A is due for renewal, Client B may not purchase the license at the renewal discounted price.
  6. Both Resellers who handle SciChart Licenses, and End-Users who use Licenses are subject to our Licensing Terms & Conditions.
  7. We reserve the right to terminate a reseller agreement / arrangement giving 30 days notice in writing.

The present Terms and Conditions apply to resellers who re-sell products and services provided by SCICHART LTD., a limited company incorporated in England and Wales (registration number 07430048, VAT Number GB101957725) having its registered office at 16 Beaufort Court, Admirals Way, Docklands, London, E14 9XL, England.

SCICHART’S Products and Services are provided in accordance with the provisions contained in the Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, and Software License Agreement (SLA), as updated from time to time. SCICHART invites you, the Reseller (“You”) to consult SCICHART’s Website on a regular basis for new versions of these documents. Re-selling SCICHART’s Products and Services or accessing SCICHART’s Website implies full and unconditional acceptance of the said Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, and SLA. If you do not agree, then you shall not access SCICHART’s Website or use or re-sell any services in the Website, including SCICHART’s SciChart Application.