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WPF Chart Using Vertical Slice Tooltips Example

Demonstrates usage of VerticalSliceModifier for getting slices of series like when using RolloverModifier. Tip! You can add and remove slices on chart. Also you can click […]

WPF Chart Using TooltipModifier Tooltips

Demonstrates the use of the TooltipModifier, part of the ChartModifier API for getting information about Renderable Series and its displaying on tooltips. An ItemsControl data-binds to […]

WPF Chart Using RolloverModifier Tooltips

Demonstrates using the RolloverModifier, part of the ChartModifier API, to add mouse-over feedback of data-points on time-series to the user. An ItemsControl data-binds to a collection […]

WPF Chart Using CursorModifier Tooltips

This example demonstrates the CursorModifier: a ChartModifier derived type which adds a cross-hairs (cursor) to the chart, as well as displaying an aggregated tooltip for all […]