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Remove the white spaces on the chart when we using drawLabels: false. I am using multiple x-axes and no of x-axis increase the empty white space on the x-axis is also increasing.

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I am trying to make an annotation draggable. I tried setting the isEditable property to true, but nothing happened. I can’t find the right documentation for draggable annotations . My code for creating the Annotation it’s below:

sciChartSurface.annotations.add(new LineAnnotation({
    stroke: "#279B27", strokeThickness: 3,
    xCoordinateMode: ECoordinateMode.DataValue,
    x1: 0,
    x2: 0,
    yCoordinateMode: ECoordinateMode.Relative,
    y1: 0,
    y2: 1,
    isEditable: true,
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Some users have reported an error when importing SciChart.js into a TypeScript or JavaScript application:

TS1261: Already included file name ‘C:...\SciChartSurface.d.ts’ differs from file name ‘C:/…/node_modules/scichart/charting/
Visuals/Axis/SciChartSurface.d.ts’ only in casing.

Solution below…

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The value of SciChart in Silverlight is the browser hosting capability. With Silveright on its way out, there appears to be no replacement for SciChart in a browser. However, there is a very good public domain project called Fayde that has re-implemented the Mono Moonlight code as Typescript. Fayde lets you port C#/XAML to Javascript surprisingly easily.

Have you looked at Fayde, and do you foresee a (possibly stripped-down) SciChart version for Fayde?


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