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Hello Friends ,

   Sync two Chart in Android Bottom chart can be change on top chart touch

We are looking a solution where we want show two chart at Top and Bottom in Android Screen.based on Top chart changed by gesture /finger touch should be expend/shrink like zoom in and out bottom chart

Assume at top chart data range has between 0 to 3,00,000 , I want to capture in bottom chart only selected/touched part in with expanded form.

I have attached below screen shot which may be helpful.

Solution can be like this but not able to get code for this implementation

I appreciate any help regarding this issue.

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App version

I am able to sync two charts and receive events between both charts.

However, I wanted to remove the shared y-axis panning between the charts.
I was able to get this working by setting the “withReceiveHandledEvents(false)” linked to the motion event group and setting the “.withYAxisDragModifier().withReceiveHandledEvents(false)”.

However, the current problem being faced, is that, the cursor is now no longer synced between the two charts as if I had “withReceiveHandledEvents(false)” on the motion event group.

I tried using the cursor modifier group, but this did not provide a syncing cursor between the charts.

Is there a way to sync the cursor between the charts without having the y-axis panning synced as well?

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I have a surface with two x-axes and one y-axis. I am plotting 2 lines, which both have a numerical axis for their x-axis. I would like to be able to pan the lines so that I can align them for further analysis. However, I want the scaling on the two x-axes to stay identical. I have implemented the panning, which was straight forward using the XAxisDragModifier DragMode=”Pan”, so that is sorted. However, the scaling on the two axes is not identical, as each of the two lines have values for different x-ranges. This means that when I overlay them, one is more stretched out relative to the other.

Is there a way to lock the scaling for x-axes? See image below, I would like the red lines to be in sync, and equally big. So that 5 cm on the first x-axis is an equal amount of time as 5 cm on the second x-axis

Thank you,

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