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1 vote

I want to be able to disable a chart if there is no data on it, and then enable the chart when there is data. The reason why I want to do that is because I have three charts that are sync and I want to disable the other charts that have no data, so that the cursor modifier or the zooming and stuff will not affect the other charts without data and will only affect the one with data.

Attached image is 3 charts that are in sync.

  • Nung Khual asked 7 months ago
  • last active 7 months ago
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I just switched from using the CategoryDatetimeAxis to the DatetimeAxis. I need to use the DatetimeAxis because i first fetch datetime data that has an interval on a minute basis. After that the data will be in a one second interval. The CategoryDatetimeAxis results in a equidistant behaviour which does not reflect the usecase in this scenario. The distance of the values must be relative to their difference in time. That is why the DatetimeAxis fits my need.

However, the DatetimeAxis interpolates between two dates when there is no data available. Is there a way to disable this behaviour, such that no line is drawn between two dates, but just a gap. I have tried to use the DrawNaNAs = LineDrawMode.Gaps, but this only works on nan data. Which is not precisely the case.

I have attached a picture which reflects my point. The red circled area is what i don’t want to show. Ideally the two dates would just squash next to each other.

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