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I get data from reading an URL so I save them (prepared) to a Arraylist (type PieSegment). How can I add the PieSegments from the Arraylist with (for example a loop) to my Piechart?

BR and thank you very much.

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Hi everyone,

I’m working on a 2D chart on Android that requires the distance between major axes to be exactly 5 millimetres. How do I configure the major axis delta/ticks or resize the chart to meet my need?

Thank you.

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I want to use the MultiplePieDonutChart. Like in the example, I want to have a touch tooltip.
I tried it with that code:

LinearLayout chartLayout = (LinearLayout) root.findViewById(;
SciChartLegend legend = root.findViewById(;



    final SciChartBuilder sciChartBuilder = SciChartBuilder.instance();

    final IPieRenderableSeries pieSeries = sciChartBuilder.newPieSeries().withSeriesName("HowPeopleTravel").withSegments(
            sciChartBuilder.newPieSegment().withValue(34).withTitle("Ecologic").withRadialGradientColors(0xff84BC3D, 0xff5B8829).build(),
            sciChartBuilder.newPieSegment().withValue(34.4).withTitle("Municipal").withRadialGradientColors(0xffe04a2f, 0xffB7161B).build(),
            sciChartBuilder.newPieSegment().withValue(31.6).withTitle("Personal").withRadialGradientColors(0xff4AB6C1, 0xff2182AD).build()
    final IPieRenderableSeries donutSeries = sciChartBuilder.newDonutSeries().withSeriesName("DetailedGroup").withSegments(
            sciChartBuilder.newPieSegment().withValue(28.8).withTitle("Walking").withRadialGradientColors(0xff84BC3D, 0xff5B8829).build(),
            sciChartBuilder.newPieSegment().withValue(5.2).withTitle("Bicycle").withRadialGradientColors(0xff84BC3D, 0xff5B8829).build(),
            sciChartBuilder.newPieSegment().withValue(12.3).withTitle("Metro").withRadialGradientColors(0xffe04a2f, 0xffB7161B).build(),
            sciChartBuilder.newPieSegment().withValue(3.5).withTitle("Tram").withRadialGradientColors(0xffe04a2f, 0xffB7161B).build(),
            sciChartBuilder.newPieSegment().withValue(5.9).withTitle("Rail").withRadialGradientColors(0xffe04a2f, 0xffB7161B).build(),
            sciChartBuilder.newPieSegment().withValue(9.7).withTitle("Bus").withRadialGradientColors(0xffe04a2f, 0xffB7161B).build(),
            sciChartBuilder.newPieSegment().withValue(3.0).withTitle("Taxi").withRadialGradientColors(0xffe04a2f, 0xffB7161B).build(),
            sciChartBuilder.newPieSegment().withValue(23.2).withTitle("Car").withRadialGradientColors(0xff4AB6C1, 0xff2182AD).build(),
            sciChartBuilder.newPieSegment().withValue(3.1).withTitle("Motorcycle").withRadialGradientColors(0xff4AB6C1, 0xff2182AD).build(),
            sciChartBuilder.newPieSegment().withValue(5.3).withTitle("Other").withRadialGradientColors(0xff4AB6C1, 0xff2182AD).build()

    Collections.addAll(surface.getRenderableSeries(), pieSeries, donutSeries);
    Collections.addAll(surface.getChartModifiers(), sciChartBuilder.newLegendModifier(legend).withShowCheckBoxes(false).withSourceSeries(pieSeries).build(), new PieChartTooltipModifier());

But if I touch on the chart I didn’t get the tooltip. As you see I have nearly copy all the code of the Example but I do not work. Where is my fault?

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I have a list of 12 items, but at the start I only want to see the last 6 items on the chart (stacked column chart). I want to be able to scroll / drag to reveal the first part of the list. I use the index of the list for the x-axis, so the list has indexes with range from [0, 11]

I’m having some weird behaviour implementing this.
When the data is loaded, i see the complete bars:

creenshot 2020-09-18 at 11.04.14.png

but when I start to scroll, i’m never able to reveal the complete bars anymore:
![Screenshot 2020-09-18 at 11.04.40.png][2]
![Screenshot 2020-09-18 at 11.04.59.png][3]

When i start scrolling to the end (although the chart is already at the end), the UI jumps and only shows half a bar. Also when i scroll to the beginning, it only shows half a bar.

How can I make sure I always see the complete bars?

This is the code, specific to the x axis & the scrolling:

val xAxis = sciChartBuilder.newNumericAxis()
            .withVisibleRange(5.5, 11.5)

using half values for the range seems to be the only way I can see the full bars. Once I start scrolling I only see half bars at the start & end

val surfaceChartModifiers: ChartModifierCollection = chart.chartModifiers
val dragModifier = XAxisDragModifier()
dragModifier.dragMode = AxisDragModifierBase.AxisDragMode.Pan

val zoomPanModifier = ZoomPanModifier()
zoomPanModifier.clipModeX = ClipMode.ClipAtExtents
zoomPanModifier.direction = Direction2D.XDirection
zoomPanModifier.zoomExtentsY = false
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I figure there is probably a way to do this, but I haven’t figured it out yet.

I would like remove (or maybe just make transparent?) my chart areas top and right borders, leaving the lefthand and bottom alone. I’ve attached an image with the borders circled that I would like to remove to make it clear.

Thank you.

  • C Bolton asked 2 weeks ago
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I used box annotation like pic
in a boxAnnotation I used

.withPosition(1,-2, 0, 2)

and i made a 2 box like pic

i use box for drag one side to make a box big or small

the first box which is left doesn’t move anywhere.
it just can only drag that i want
but the second box, the box moves when i drag after first touch
the left box never moves on but right box moves first drags
just move first time not sometimes

am i wrong something?

  • Justin Lee asked 1 month ago
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I’m trying to add custom text to a rollover cursor that is dependent on its X and Y Values.

For instance, if the Y Value is 1, but the X value (date) is old, it should say “1 ft Observed”, but if it the date is in the future, it should say “1 ft Predicted”. I can format the cursor label via NumericLabelProvider, but it only provides me the Y value, and I need the corresponding X value as well to properly format the cursor label.

    class NumericLabelProviderEx() : NumericLabelProvider() {
        override fun formatCursorLabel(doubleValue: Double): CharSequence {
            val formatString = "%.1f %s\n%s"
            // Any way to get corresponding X value for this so I can change "Observed" to "Predicted" if this point is in the future?
            val s = String.format(formatString, doubleValue, "ft", "Observed")
            return s


Is there an alternative approach to accomplish this within SciChart?

Thank you.

  • C Bolton asked 1 month ago
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I’m trying to modifying Audio Analyzer Example.

This is scenario.

  1. Read wav file
  2. Calculate FFT (for all sample data of wav file)
  3. Display FFT result to FFT & Spectrogram chart.

The point is this : read all data at once and calulate FFT for dispaly in chart.

I already have FFT result with re[] and im[] type arrays.

  1. When I setting up X,Y axis of FFT chart, following code applied.
    Q. x,y axis and value setup is correct?

                // prepare fft input (dataF is float type sample data of wav file)
                double[] re = new double[dataF.length];
                double[] im = new double[dataF.length];
                double[] mag = new double[dataF.length];
                for(int ii=0; ii<dataF.length; ii++) {
                    re[ii] = (double)dataF[ii];
                    im[ii] = 0.0d;
                FFTf.transform(re, im);  // using Bluestein DFT algorithm.
                for(int nn=0; nn < re.length; nn++) {
                    mag[nn] = Math.sqrt(re[nn] * re[nn] + im[nn] * im[nn]);
                    if(nn <= 10 || re.length - 10 <= nn)
                // setup fft and x,y values
                for(int l=0; l < re.length/20; l++) {
                    fftDS.append((1.0*l*sampleRate/re.length), Math.sqrt(re[l] * re[l] + im[l] * im[l]));
  2. When I setting up X,Y axis of Spectrogram chart, following code applied.
    Q. x,y axis and value setup is correct?

                fftCount = dataProvider.getAudioDataByteSize() / 4096;
                spectrogramDS = new UniformHeatmapDataSeries<>(Long.class, Long.class, Double.class, re.length/20, fftCount);
                fftOffsetValueCount = (re.length/20)*fftCount - (re.length/20);
                spectrogramValues = new DoubleValues((re.length/20)*fftCount);
                // update spectrogram chart data
                for(int jj=0; jj < fftCount; jj += 4096) {
                    double[] spectrogramItems = spectrogramValues.getItemsArray();
                    double[] fftItems = getFrom(mag, 4096, jj);
                    System.arraycopy(spectrogramItems, re.length/20, spectrogramItems, 0, fftOffsetValueCount);
                    System.arraycopy(fftItems, 0, spectrogramItems, fftOffsetValueCount, re.length/20);

FFT chart is working but Spectrogram is not.

Thank you for your help!

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How do I know when user edited the text on TextAnnoation so the app can save it?
How to do the same for for Android and iOS version of SciChart?

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I would try out the examples with my trial but I got this error:

error: package io.reactivex does not exist import

I hope you can help me. Thank you.


PS.: I did everything like in the Tutorial

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want to show error marker in line series if data point is bad (isGoodValue=false). how to set metadata in android series

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I’m wanting to switch to SciChart from a previous charting library. One neat thing that our previous library did that I cannot figure out how to do in SciChart is change the interaction between tooltips/rollover and panning.

What I would like to do is Pan/Drag the chart on short tap events, and do a rollover or tooltip cursor on long tap events. By default it looks like I get rollover and panning together on any tap event, which is not ideal behavior for my apps. Depending on the tap event type, I would like to do just one or the other, not both. How can I do something similar with SciChart?

Thank you,

  • C Bolton asked 2 months ago
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i follow this way to update an exist candle

stockPrices.update(stockPrices.getCount() – 1, priceBar.getOpen(), priceBar.getHigh(), priceBar.getLow(), priceBar.getClose());

it work well but not so smooth, SciChart have any other way or trick to do this ?
Thank you

  • tran hai asked 2 months ago
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I’m using boxAnnotation Object with some properties

I use
for resize and drag only x direction

It looks like drag and resize only x direction but the box resize y direction a little bit

I do not use any special properties using boxAnnotation

use of course .withIsEditable for editing
.withPosition, .withBackgroundDrawableId
that’ it

and I also wonder when i declare new CustomIResizingGrip object with new Canvas

why withDragDirections, withResizeDirections dont work?

  • cy bang asked 2 months ago
  • last active 2 months ago
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i wanna use vertical line annotation in box annotation that only one edge moves to drag like using ‘chart drag area to zoom’

I checked about custom annotation and there’s features said ‘common features of annotations’ but they don’t have any features l’m looking for

i put pictures for understanding.

there are box annotation on a graph and I want to move line to drag and box is going to smaller or larger

and i also want the other edge is fixed, it can not be dragged

do you guys have any tips for me?

  • cy bang asked 2 months ago
  • last active 2 months ago
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Hi, I have a question for clearing data series.

Unlike XyDataSeriess object, when I call clear() method on UniformHeatmapDataSeries,

following exception occured.

[error message]
java.lang.UnsupportedOperationException: This operation isn’t supported by this type of data series
at com.scichart.charting.model.dataSeries.UniformHeatmapDataSeries.clear(SourceFile:328)
at com.scichart.charting.model.dataSeries.DataSeriesCore.clear(SourceFile:66)

How to clear UniformHeatmapDataSeries object data?

Thanks a lot.

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I am new to Xamarin and looking for possibilities how to use Xamarin.Android (later Xamarin.iOS too) chart in Xamarin.Forms shared code.
I know SciChart working on it, but at this moment I need solution.

I have alredy read about these:
– Custom Renderers (
– Native Views (

Which is better?
Does anybody has an exact example or documentation to how to use it with SciChart?


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Here my code, i try to draw a chart with candle stick and horizontal line with real time data update, but HorizontalLineAnnotation never show, here my code:
final CategoryDateAxis xAxis = sciChartBuilder.newCategoryDateAxis()
.withGrowBy(0, 0.01)
.withVisibleRange(80, 102)
NumericAxis yAxis = sciChartBuilder.newNumericAxis()

    Collections.addAll(surface.getXAxes(), xAxis);
    Collections.addAll(surface.getYAxes(), yAxis);

               FastCandlestickRenderableSeries rSeries =  sciChartBuilder.newCandlestickSeries().withDataSeries(stockPrices).withYAxisId(PRICES)

                HorizontalLineAnnotation horizontalLine = sciChartBuilder.newHorizontalLineAnnotation()
                        .withPosition(5d, 3.2d) // i have try to change this but wont work
                        .withStroke(2, ColorUtil.Orange)
    ohlcAxisMarker = sciChartBuilder.newAxisMarkerAnnotation().withY1(1d).withBackgroundColor(0xFF33DD33).withYAxisId(PRICES).build();

                UpdateSuspender.using(surface, new Runnable() {
                    public void run() {
                        Collections.addAll(surface.getAnnotations(), ohlcAxisMarker, horizontalLine);
                        Collections.addAll(surface.getRenderableSeries(), rSeries);
                        Collections.addAll(surface.getChartModifiers(), sciChartBuilder.newModifierGroupWithDefaultModifiers().build());
  • tran hai asked 3 months ago
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I’m not sure what is going on, but I am consistently getting an error about my trial license key not being valid (it has 28 days left)

Error msg: “Sorry! You have not set a License Key. You can request a free trial key from”

Code (trial key partially snipped):

class MainActivity : AppCompatActivity() {
override fun onCreate(savedInstanceState: Bundle?) {

    // Set this code once in MainActivity or application startup

    // Get the scichartsurface
    val surface = findViewById<com.scichart.charting.visuals.SciChartSurface>(
    // Initialize the SciChartBuilder
    // Obtain the SciChartBuilder instance
    val sciChartBuilder = SciChartBuilder.instance()
    // Create a numeric X axis
    val xAxis: IAxis = sciChartBuilder.newNumericAxis()
        .withAxisTitle("X Axis Title")
        .withVisibleRange(-5.0, 15.0)
    // Create a numeric Y axis
    val yAxis: IAxis = sciChartBuilder.newNumericAxis()
        .withAxisTitle("Y Axis Title").withVisibleRange(0.0, 100.0).build()
    // Create a TextAnnotation and specify the inscription and position for it
    val textAnnotation = sciChartBuilder.newTextAnnotation()
        .withText("Hello World!")
        .withFontStyle(20f, ColorUtil.White)
    // Create interactivity modifiers
    val chartModifiers = sciChartBuilder.newModifierGroup()
    // Add the Y axis to the YAxes collection of the surface
    Collections.addAll(surface.yAxes, yAxis)
    // Add the X axis to the XAxes collection of the surface
    Collections.addAll(surface.xAxes, xAxis)
    // Add the annotation to the Annotations collection of the surface
    Collections.addAll(surface.annotations, textAnnotation)
    // Add the interactions to the ChartModifiers collection of the surface
    Collections.addAll(surface.chartModifiers, chartModifiers)

Any assistance appreciated. Thank you.

  • C Bolton asked 3 months ago
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Hi, I’m modifying AudioAnalyzer chart example.

  1. I want to know that how to display time value on XAxis in this example.

In audio stream chart example, xData value store 0 to 2048 value for each onNext.

like this,

final long[] itemsArray = audioData.xData.getItemsArray();
for (int i = 0; i < minBufferSize; i++) {
itemsArray[i] = time++;

I want to display time value like “mm:ss” format on XAxis.

What kinds of data should be stored in itemsArray?

How to setup VisibleRange and labelFormat?

  1. In same example. XAxis lable fixed start to 0(does not move to outside of left for each new data)

How to move xAxis label right to left when new data generated?

Thanks for you kindness.

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I set up my xAxis (DateAxis) with a minimalZoomConstrain = DateInterval.fromMinutes(3.0). And here is my PinchZoomModifier:

val pinchZoomModifier = PinchZoomModifier().apply {
        direction = Direction2D.XDirection
        receiveHandledEvents = true

The chart works great and restricts the zoom to three minutes, but I get this error to the console whenever I zoom in to reach the minimalZoomConstrain:

E/Axis: VisibleRange was restored to its last valid value. The range class (Min = Tue Jan 09 01:52:40 GMT+01:00 2020, Max = Tue Jan 09 01:55:40 GMT+01:00 2020) either is not valid or it doesn't satisfy MinimalZoomConstrain or MaximumZoomConstrain. To provide fallback value please override AxisCore#coerceVisibleRange(IRange) method

How can I get rid of this error? Is there a way to tell the PinchZoomModifier that there is a min limit?

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I have this chart with CategoryXAxis` as X and **NumericAxis as Y. I update its IohlcDataseries with new prices for creating a live chart. I also added a HorizontalLineAnnotation on Y-Axis to point to the current price. The problem is when chart auto-scales on Y-axis it only tries to cover price data and not the Line annotation, and its label is half visible.

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i am using one LineSeries, two ScatterSeries and one ErrorBarsSeries in my Graph.

I want to disable whole Rollover Modifier or labels of Rollover Modifier for only ErrorBarsSeries , How can I do that?

  • Atiq Tahir asked 3 months ago
  • last active 3 months ago
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I am creating a chart to represent certain vitals. The code is almost identical to the Vitals Monitoring Demo application, the difference being
I added some Line and text annotations. I am appending points to the data series every 100ms. I have verified that the anomalous behavior is not caused due to wrong data being provided,
leading me to believe it must be a bug within SciChart. I have attached screenshots of this anomalous behavior. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Edit: This happens randomly, ie it performs normally without glitches on application startup but misbehaves after left running for a while.
I also observed that when I call .clear() on the XyDataSeries objects, the graph returns to normalcy, but only until FIFO_CAPACITY is reached. It then goes back to wreaking havoc.
I have added sample data (data.txt) to the question for reference, and screenshots of Expected behavior and the abnormal behavior in question.

Gif of the problem is here:

Code used for setting up the chart:

     `SciChartBuilder sciChartBuilder;
     static ISciChartSurface chart;
     public final static XyDataSeries<Double, Double> pressureDataSeries = newDataSeries(FIFO_CAPACITY);
     public final static XyDataSeries<Double, Double> pressureSweepDataSeries = newDataSeries(FIFO_CAPACITY);
     public final static XyDataSeries<Double, Double> flowDataSeries = newDataSeries(FIFO_CAPACITY);
     public final static XyDataSeries<Double, Double> flowSweepDataSeries = newDataSeries(FIFO_CAPACITY);
     public final static XyDataSeries<Double, Double> volumeDataSeries = newDataSeries(FIFO_CAPACITY);
     public final static XyDataSeries<Double, Double> volumeSweepDataSeries = newDataSeries(FIFO_CAPACITY);
     public final static XyDataSeries<Double, Double> lastPressureSweepDataSeries = newDataSeries(1);
     public final static XyDataSeries<Double, Double> lastFlowDataSeries = newDataSeries(1);
     public final static XyDataSeries<Double, Double> lastVolumeDataSeries = newDataSeries(1);
     private static XyDataSeries<Double, Double> newDataSeries(int fifoCapacity) {
    final XyDataSeries<Double, Double> ds = new XyDataSeries<>(Double.class, Double.class);
    return ds;
 private void setUpChart() {                          // Called from onCreate()
    try {
    } catch (Exception e) {
    final String pressureId = "pressureId";
    final String flowId = "flowId";
    final String volumeId = "volumeId";
    sciChartBuilder = SciChartBuilder.instance();
    chart = new SciChartSurface(this);
    LinearLayout chartLayout = findViewById(;
    chartLayout.addView((View) chart, 0);
    final NumericAxis xAxis = sciChartBuilder.newNumericAxis()
            .withVisibleRange(0, 10)

    DoubleValues pressureRange = new DoubleValues(); pressureRange.add(-10); pressureRange.add(65);
    DoubleValues flowRange = new DoubleValues(); flowRange.add(-150); flowRange.add(+250);
    DoubleValues volumeRange = new DoubleValues(); volumeRange.add(-500); volumeRange.add(1000);

    final NumericAxis yAxisPressure = generateYAxis(pressureId, getMinMaxRange(pressureRange));
    final NumericAxis yAxisFlow = generateYAxis(flowId, getMinMaxRange(flowRange));
    final NumericAxis yAxisVolume = generateYAxis(volumeId, getMinMaxRange(volumeRange));

    UpdateSuspender.using(chart, new Runnable() {
        public void run() {
                            .withFontStyle(18, ColorUtil.White)
                            .withText(" Pressure (cm H2O)")
                            .withFontStyle(18, ColorUtil.White)
                            .withText(" Flow (lpm)")
                            .withFontStyle(18, ColorUtil.White)
                            .withText(" Volume (ml)")
            Collections.addAll(chart.getXAxes(), xAxis);
            Collections.addAll(chart.getYAxes(), yAxisPressure, yAxisFlow, yAxisVolume);
                    MainActivity.this.generateLineSeries(pressureId, pressureDataSeries, sciChartBuilder.newPen().withColor(Color.parseColor("#00ff00")).withThickness(1.5f).build()),
                    MainActivity.this.generateLineSeries(pressureId, pressureSweepDataSeries, sciChartBuilder.newPen().withColor(Color.parseColor("#00ff00")).withThickness(1.5f).build()),
                    MainActivity.this.generateScatterForLastAppendedPoint(pressureId, lastPressureSweepDataSeries),

                    MainActivity.this.generateLineSeries(flowId, flowDataSeries, sciChartBuilder.newPen().withColor(Color.parseColor("#ff6600")).withThickness(1.5f).build()),
                    MainActivity.this.generateLineSeries(flowId, flowSweepDataSeries, sciChartBuilder.newPen().withColor(Color.parseColor("#ff6600")).withThickness(1.5f).build()),
                    MainActivity.this.generateScatterForLastAppendedPoint(flowId, lastFlowDataSeries),

                    MainActivity.this.generateLineSeries(volumeId, volumeDataSeries, sciChartBuilder.newPen().withColor(Color.parseColor("#FFEA00")).withThickness(1.5f).build()),
                    MainActivity.this.generateLineSeries(volumeId, volumeSweepDataSeries, sciChartBuilder.newPen().withColor(Color.parseColor("#FFEA00")).withThickness(1.5f).build()),
                    MainActivity.this.generateScatterForLastAppendedPoint(volumeId, lastVolumeDataSeries)
            chart.setLayoutManager(new DefaultLayoutManager.Builder().setRightOuterAxesLayoutStrategy(new RightAlignedOuterVerticallyStackedYAxisLayoutStrategy()).build());

private HorizontalLineAnnotation generateBaseLines(String yAxisId) {
    return sciChartBuilder.newHorizontalLineAnnotation().withStroke(1, ColorUtil.White).withHorizontalGravity(Gravity.FILL_HORIZONTAL).withXAxisId("XAxis").withYAxisId(yAxisId).withY1(0d).build();

private NumericAxis generateYAxis(String id, DoubleRange visibleRange) {
    return sciChartBuilder.newNumericAxis().withAxisId(id).withVisibleRange(visibleRange).withAutoRangeMode(AutoRange.Never).withDrawMajorBands(false).withDrawMinorGridLines(true).withDrawMajorGridLines(true).build();
private FastLineRenderableSeries generateLineSeries(String yAxisId, IDataSeries ds, PenStyle strokeStyle) {
    FastLineRenderableSeries lineSeries = new FastLineRenderableSeries();
    lineSeries.setPaletteProvider(new DimTracePaletteProvider());
    return lineSeries;
private IRenderableSeries generateScatterForLastAppendedPoint(String yAxisId, IDataSeries ds) {
    final EllipsePointMarker pm = sciChartBuilder.newPointMarker(new EllipsePointMarker())
            .withStroke(ColorUtil.White, 1f)

    return sciChartBuilder.newScatterSeries()

private static DoubleRange getMinMaxRange(DoubleValues values) {
    final DoubleRange range = new DoubleRange();
    SciListUtil.instance().minMax(values.getItemsArray(), 0, values.size(), range);
    range.growBy(0.1, 0.1);
    return range;

   // Appending to data series with:
    UpdateSuspender.using(MainActivity.chart, new Runnable() {
        public void run() {
            MainActivity.pressureDataSeries.append(x, ppA);
            MainActivity.pressureSweepDataSeries.append(x, ppB);

            MainActivity.flowDataSeries.append(x, vFlowA);
            MainActivity.flowSweepDataSeries.append(x, vFlowB);

            MainActivity.volumeDataSeries.append(x, vtfA);
            MainActivity.volumeSweepDataSeries.append(x, vtfB);

            MainActivity.lastPressureSweepDataSeries.append(x, pp);
            MainActivity.lastFlowDataSeries.append(x, vFlow);
            MainActivity.lastVolumeDataSeries.append(x, vtf);


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Hello Everybody,

I have to continue a Xamarin.Forms application that mainly target android devices. The developer before me wrote everything in shared code and the question is:

Is it possible the use SciChart Xamarin chart in shared code in xaml or I have to code it in Xamarin.Android project?

I am new to Xamarin and just learning the things.
Thanks for the answers and any advice.


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I am using RenderSurfaceGL in my chart but I am not able to use Transparency.
What should I do to do this?

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I have multiple custom chart modifiers (PinchZoom, Rollover, SeriesSelection and ZoomPan) and I was wondering if there is a set order in which they handle the touch event or is it random? If there is a set order then can I change this order?

For example now it seems like the rollover modifier handles the touch event before the seriesSelection modifier. This is a bit problematic since the rollover has sourceMode = SourceMode.SelectedSeries and since the touch event goes first to the rollover it updates its position –> then the new series is selected –> but rollover position does not update since it has already handled the touch event.

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I have two questions about how to get axes or annotations by ID.

First, I trying to update the VisibleRange for X axis in the internalUpdate function in the UniformHeatmapSeriesTooltip. When I use getAxisById, my ECG data series is gone from the chart. But it works if I use getDefault() instead (axis Id not defined). So I kind of confused.

private class CustomHeatmapTooltip extends UniformHeatmapSeriesTooltip {

        public CustomHeatmapTooltip(Context context, UniformHeatmapSeriesInfo heatmapInfo) {
            super(context, heatmapInfo);
        protected void internalUpdate(UniformHeatmapSeriesInfo heatmapInfo) {
            ecgSurface.getXAxes().getAxisById("ecgx").setVisibleRange(new DateRange(startDate, stopDate));

Second, I have one vertical line annotation and multiple text annotations. Every time I render the heatmap, I want to remove the text annotations and add some new text annotations as needed, without touching the vertical line annotation. Is there a way to only remove the text annotations?

Thanks a lot.

  • Gang Xu asked 4 months ago
  • last active 4 months ago
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I tried to implement a colormap view next to the heatmap chart. But couldn’t figure out how to set it up. It seems like it won’t work this way.

SciChartHeatmapColourMap colorMapView = new SciChartHeatmapColourMap(this);

I don’t know how Bindview works in the example code. Could you tell me how to link SciChartHeatmapColourMap to the view in layout xml?


  • Gang Xu asked 4 months ago
  • last active 4 months ago
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I’d like to set line chart’s date xAxis ticks to be exactly one day apart in a way that where the label is shown, the time would be exactly 24:00.
I know I can set the minorDelta() and majorDelta(), but what value should I provide them? The minor tick when I zoom in should be 2 minutes and the major tick should be 24 hours.

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I tried to initialize heatmap chart with NaN to make it transparent, but it doesn’t work that way. The color was blue, which is zero in the colormap. Is there a way to make it not showing any color?


public void initECMSciChart() {
    // initialize chart with NaN
    for (int i = 0; i < MATRIX_COLUMNS; i++) {
        for (int j = 0; j < MATRIX_ROWS; j++) {
            heatmap2DMatrix[i][j] = 0;
            heatmapDataSeries.updateZAt(i, j, Double.NaN);
  • Gang Xu asked 4 months ago
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I’m wondering is there a way to temporarily disable zoompan modifier while I re-rendering the chart. My re-rendering on the heatmap might take a second, I hope the interaction can be disabled during that process.

  • Gang Xu asked 4 months ago
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I have a ECG chart with a certain capacity.
I want to apply the fading animation to the part of the chart that is being cleared.

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I have a line chart that has already been drawn and synced with a sound.
when we play sound, chart begin to scroll horizontally.
but problem is lagging when scrolling chart.
Is there a way to fix this problem?

private Runnable mRunnable = new Runnable() {
    public void run() {
        forceRunInPauseMode = false;

        getActivity().runOnUiThread(() -> {
            currentTime = (int) exoPlayer.getCurrentPosition();

        int currentRange = currentTime * 2;

        if (!isDraw) {
            DoubleValues xValues = new DoubleValues(Arrays.copyOfRange(xDoubleArray, 0, xDoubleArray.length - 1));
            DoubleValues yValues = new DoubleValues(Arrays.copyOfRange(yDoubleArray, 0, yDoubleArray.length - 1));
            DoubleSeries doubleSeries = new DoubleSeries(xValues, yValues);
            lineData.append(doubleSeries.getxValues(), doubleSeries.getyValues());
            isDraw = true;
        xVisibleRange.setMinMax(currentRange - visibleInterval / 2, currentRange + visibleInterval / 2);

private void updateChart() {
    schedule = scheduledExecutorService.scheduleWithFixedDelay(() -> {
        if (!isPlaying && !forceRunInPauseMode)
        UpdateSuspender.using(binding.sciChart, mRunnable);

private void pause() {
    if (schedule != null)

private void initSciChart() {

    isChartConfigured = true;

    // Obtain the SciChartBuilder instance
    SciChartBuilder mSciChartBuilder = SciChartBuilder.instance();

    //set border style

    xVisibleRange = new DoubleRange();

    // Create a numeric X axis
    final IAxis xAxis = mSciChartBuilder.newNumericAxis()
            .withGrowBy(new DoubleRange(0.25d * visibleInterval / totalDuration, 0.25d * visibleInterval / totalDuration))

    final IAxis yAxis = mSciChartBuilder.newNumericAxis()
            .withVisibleRange(-1d, 1d)

    xAxis.setVisibleRangeChangeListener((iAxisCore, oldRange, newRange, isAnimating) -> {
        if (!isPlaying) {
            double c = ((newRange.getMinAsDouble() + newRange.getMaxAsDouble()) / 4);
            getActivity().runOnUiThread(() -> binding.tvCurrentDuration.setText(MiliToTimeConverter.milliToTime((long) c)));

    xAxis.setTickProvider(new CustomTickProvider());

    yAxis.setTickProvider(new CustomTickProvider());

    VerticalLineAnnotation verticalLine = mSciChartBuilder.newVerticalLineAnnotation()
            .withX1(0.5)   // black
            .withStroke(new SolidPenStyle(ColorUtil.argb(250, 120, 126, 136), true, 1f, null))

    ModifierGroup chartModifiers = mSciChartBuilder.newModifierGroup()
            .withModifier(new GestureModifierBase() {
                public void detach() {

                public boolean onFling(MotionEvent e1, MotionEvent e2, float velocityX, float velocityY) {
                    return false;

                public boolean onScroll(MotionEvent e1, MotionEvent e2, float distanceX, float distanceY) {
                    // Scroll X
                    xAxis.scroll((-distanceX/2), ClipMode.ClipAtExtents);

                    return true;

    lineData = mSciChartBuilder.newXyDataSeries(Double.class, Double.class).build();
    XyDataSeries staticData = mSciChartBuilder.newXyDataSeries(Double.class, Double.class).build();

    final FastLineRenderableSeries lineSeries = mSciChartBuilder.newLineSeries()
            //.withPointMarker(mSciChartBuilder.newPointMarker(new EllipsePointMarker()).withSize(7, 7).withStroke(0xFF006400, 1).withFill(0xFFFFFFFF).build())
            .withPaletteProvider(new XYCustomPaletteProvider(ColorUtil.argb(255, 50, 153, 0))) // green
            .withStrokeStyle(ColorUtil.argb(250, 120, 126, 136), 1f, true) // black

    final IRenderableSeries staticLineSeries = mSciChartBuilder.newLineSeries()
            .withPaletteProvider(new XYCustomPaletteProvider(ColorUtil.argb(255, 50, 153, 0))) // green
            .withStrokeStyle(ColorUtil.argb(250, 120, 126, 136), 1f, true) // black

    DoubleValues xValues = new DoubleValues(Arrays.copyOfRange(xDoubleArray, 0, totalRange));
    DoubleValues yValues = new DoubleValues(Arrays.copyOfRange(yDoubleArray, 0, totalRange));
    DoubleSeries doubleSeries = new DoubleSeries(xValues, yValues);


    binding.sciChart.setRenderSurface(new RenderSurface(getContext()));

    Collections.addAll(binding.sciChart.getYAxes(), yAxis);
    Collections.addAll(binding.sciChart.getXAxes(), xAxis);
    Collections.addAll(binding.sciChart.getChartModifiers(), chartModifiers);
    Collections.addAll(binding.sciChart.getAnnotations(), verticalLine);

    staticData.append(doubleSeries.getxValues(), doubleSeries.getyValues());

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Hi again,

Is it possible to move the rollover modifier without a touch when I know the x-axis and y-axis values?

At the moment user can tap the chart and the rollover modifier shows up and snaps to the closest point. Then I leave the rollover modifier visible by ignoring the onTouchUp() event. I have an external component that has the same data as the graph and now if user selects an item from that external component I would like to move the rollover modifier to that point. How can I do this?

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Is it possible to require two finger touch to pan the chart horizontally? I have a line chart with a rollover modifier so I don’t want to pan when I am moving the rollover modifier.

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It seems most of the modifiers bring up tooltip data with a pan, and then it goes away when the user lifts their finger. Is there any way to bring up tooltip data with a tap (and does not go away when the finger has lifted)? The main problem that we’re trying to solve is that we would like to be able to pan to look at the chart (and don’t want an axis pan), but would also like to bring up tooltip data.

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I’m using the crosshair on the chart and i want to crosshair disappear as soon as i start pinch zoom. So I created a custom PinchZoomModifier and i am doing cursorModifier.setIsEnabled (false) on the onScaleBegin override. But the crosshair does not disappear, it remains steady on the chart, even if I move the chart, it stays at the same point. How can I make crosshair passive when I pinch zoom?


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I am trying the candlestick chart and I want only 1 bar of space at the end of the chart. For this reason, I limit the chart with the xAxis.setVisibleRangeLimit(0, dataSize + 1) method. By adding +1 to the data size, I get the space at the end of the chart. However, when the chart ends, if I continue to swipe left chart is stretching. I want it to stop when chart comes to end, not stretching. I tried the ZoomPanModifier.setClipModeX (ClipMode.ClipAtExtents) method, but this causes the space at the end of the chart to disappear. How do I prevent the chart from stretching by preserving the trailing gap?


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I have two questions on rollover modifier.

One is the tooltip of the rollover is right under the finger on a heatmap chart. Can I move it to the top left section of the touch point?

Second question is how can I implement a callback function whenever Y axis of the rollover modifier changes?

Thanks for your attention in advance.

  • Gang Xu asked 6 months ago
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I have a basic StackedColumnRenderableSeries using a HorizontallyStackedColumnCollection, which has 2 DataSeries in it. The chart renders fine, and for each point on the x axis, I see the 2 bars. However, the labels on the x Axis are left aligned (relative to the bars). How do I get the labels to be centered under the bars? See the image below for reference. Note how the labels appear left aligned under the yellow bars… I’d like them to be center aligned, in the middle of the yellow and blue bars.

enter image description here

  • Brad Ball asked 6 months ago
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I am working on the spectrogram (heatmap) that can be interacted with fingers. It can only pan horizontally, and the Z values from heatmap will be updated whenever panning stopped.

I override onUp function from ZoomPanModifier to fetch the latest x range, which is temporarily logged by VisiableRangeChangeListener. But the issue is, when I’m panning with the finger horizontally, the chart will always be moving a little bit after onUp() occurred. So there’s a difference between the desired x range and actual x range.

Is there a way to get the final x range after a panning action?


  • Gang Xu asked 6 months ago
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I was using android sdk 2.5 and i’m not getting any runtime errors and error logs. But after updating the project to sdk 3.0 i started getting errors (no code has been changed). During the runtime, chart’s xAxis shows wrong times and started writing 1970 under every vertical grid line. Also debug log says: “SciChartSurface has no XAxes. Please ensure SciChartSurface.XAxis is set, or SciChartSurface.XAxes has at least one axis”.

I’m just upgrade sdk 2.5 to 3.0, how can i fix errors?


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I create a real time chart and want to add line annotation which help to user to understand chart wave form.
However I can’t add fix position of annotation. I change annotation every time chart is update but the annotation is not fixed in one position. The x value is datetime axis and the visible range is 5 second. Data is added around 100 data per second.

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SciChart Android
I only want to draw line chart which update real time. So, I don’t want label and grid. I remove the label and grid via scichart builder options but the chart remain little spacing for label. How to remove these spacing.
Android Version – 7.0
SciChart Version –

My Code –

XAxis = sciChartBuilder.newDateAxis()
                .withVisibleRange(current, graphEnd)

    YAxis = sciChartBuilder.newNumericAxis()
            .withVisibleRange(-MaxY , MaxY)

    ModifierGroup chartModifiers = sciChartBuilder.newModifierGroup()
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I want to know how to set FastBandRenderableSeries withSeriesInfoProvider to null?

If i set null like sciChartBuilder.newBandSeries().withSeriesInfoProvider(null) i’m getting error on debug logs:

E/Exception: null
java.lang.NullPointerException: Attempt to invoke interface method ‘com.scichart.charting.visuals.renderableSeries.tooltips.ISeriesTooltip com.scichart.charting.visuals.renderableSeries.hitTest.ISeriesInfoProvider.getSeriesTooltip(java.lang.Class)’ on a null object reference
at com.scichart.charting.modifiers.behaviors.TooltipBehaviorBase.func(SourceFile:120)
at com.scichart.charting.modifiers.behaviors.TooltipBehaviorBase.func(SourceFile:35)
at com.scichart.core.observable.ProjectionCollection.onCollectionChanged(SourceFile:186)
at com.scichart.core.observable.ObservableCollection.a(SourceFile:302)
at com.scichart.core.observable.ObservableCollection.a(SourceFile:79)
at com.scichart.core.observable.ObservableCollection.add(SourceFile:93)
at java.util.Collections.addAll(
at com.ikon.prodigy.Fragments.FragmentUI.SciChartFragmentUI$1$
at com.scichart.core.framework.UpdateSuspender.using(SourceFile:122)
at com.ikon.prodigy.Fragments.FragmentUI.SciChartFragmentUI$
at android.os.Handler.handleCallback(
at android.os.Handler.dispatchMessage(
at android.os.Looper.loop(
at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(Native Method)

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I want to select the high value of the point that appears when I move my finger while holding the screen on the candlestick chart. I wrote the Custom RolloverModifier but the result has not changed. How can i change the default point position?

public class CustomRolloverModifier extends RolloverModifier
private final HitTestInfo hitTestInfo = new HitTestInfo();

SciChartFragmentUI sciChartFragmentUI;

public CustomRolloverModifier(SciChartFragmentUI sciChartFragmentUI)
    this.sciChartFragmentUI = sciChartFragmentUI;

protected void updateCurrentPoint(PointF currentPoint, ModifierTouchEventArgs args)
        getParentSurface().getRenderableSeries().get(0).hitTest(hitTestInfo, currentPoint.x, currentPoint.y, 0);

        double data = sciChartFragmentUI.ohlcDataSeries.getHighValues().get(hitTestInfo.dataSeriesIndex);

        ICoordinateCalculator coordCalc = sciChartFragmentUI.yAxis.getCurrentCoordinateCalculator();
        currentPoint.y = coordCalc.getCoordinate(data);

        super.updateCurrentPoint(currentPoint, args);
    catch (Exception ex)
        Log.e("updateCurrentPoint: ", ex.getMessage());



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When I open Scichart for the first time, the chart view looks black until it is displayed by drawing the chart.
Is it possible to make the background in a different color until the chart is displayed?


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Hello, we are trying to add HotizontalLineAnnotations to our candlestick chart on tap. But we’ve got the following error :

mView does not exist, so discard the remaining points. java.lang.NullPointerException: Attempt to invoke interface method ‘java.lang.Comparable com.scichart.charting.visuals.axes.IAxis.getDataValue(float)’ on a null object reference

I’ve tried to set axisIds for annotations, but it seems that it doesn’t help. Could you please help me with this issue?

 val annotationCreationModifier = AnnotationCreationModifier()
    val annotationFactory = DefaultAnnotationFactory()

    annotationCreationModifier.annotationType = 6 // Horizontal Line
    annotationCreationModifier.annotationFactory = annotationFactory
    annotationCreationModifier.setAnnotationCreationListener {

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