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I see that this can be done on WPF (using ShowLicensingWarnings), but couldn’t find the property on Android. How can the licensing warning be hidden on Android?

  • Mike Liu asked 8 months ago
  • last active 8 months ago
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we are currently using SciChart 2D in our Application. I got the request to provide a 3D representation of one of our charts, so I started to download the newest Version of SciChart to get a trial on the 3D charts. I included the dll’s to our application and reworked the code to show a 3D chart instead. I think the code will work, but in our application I can’t see a chart. I just see a black rectangle (See attachement) with a text that 3D charts are only available in the 3D or SDK editions.

Can you help me?


  • joerg asked 1 year ago
  • last active 1 year ago
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I have a dev box. This box had a full trial, which was later upgraded to a full (SC-WPF-2D-PRO) license. I can develop our software in debug mode fine. When I install our software from the build server I see “The Direct 3D Renderer TRIAL has EXPIRED”. This is software built in release mode on our build server which is fully licensed. If I run on a non Dev box it is fine.

This seems odd to me. I’d like to test our installed software on my PC, but can’t. Would this happen if I installed a 3rd party product that uses SciChart on a machine with a developer license.

Why is this happening?

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Hello. Deactivating a license via scichart licensing wizard disable sichart only on current machine. I need to deactivate a license on machine to which i don’t have access!
How i can do this? Can you remotely deactivate all my machines with license?

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I wanna deactivate the scichart on machine that doesn’t work because a reach activation limit.
How can i do this?

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I decided to try some new features in 3.2 version and entered in Licensing Wizard my expired License Code (we bought basic version about 1 year ago) – yes, that was my mistake. So how can I now deactivate expired license and return trial to have a possibility to investigate new features?

  • yuta11 asked 4 years ago
  • last active 4 years ago
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I download the scichart version and install it on my machine when i try to run the exe it shows that “Sorry your trial of scichart has expired”.what is the solution for that. What changes i need to do on my existing application which uses sci chart.

  • Raghupathy asked 4 years ago
  • last active 4 years ago
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