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I’m facing an issue where a previous team member didn’t deactivate licenses on used devices. The device has now been returned, and deactivation is currently not possible. I need to reuse a project used SciChart. Is there a way to reset the list of all previously activated devices?

Thank you.

  • LEE JW asked 4 months ago
  • last active 4 months ago
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I am trying to implement an improvement for my app where the chart is hidden if the licence key is invalid. But I can’t find how to do that. If I enter an invalid key like shown in examples, the code never ends up in the catch clause. Is there any other way? Or is this a bug?

try {
} catch (Exception e) {
    Elog.e("SciChart Error when setting the license", e);
  • Evado Dev asked 1 year ago
  • last active 1 year ago
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I just registered here.
I want to use your tool to create one graph. But licence is too expensive for me. May I create graph during trial mode and use it?
What if trial licence expired? Already created graph will still working or not?


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Hi Team,

I am getting the error message Sorry! your trail of schichart has expired message is coming on the end user PC through we have purchased the developer license and activating the schichart using the runtime key provided in my account. Gone through the steps provided in here .

Also checked if there are any spaces in the license key. FYI, my developer license is expired and using the v5.4 with nuget.

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I am considering applying server-side licensing for my javerScript application.

In the document below, there is a phrase “Our server-side licensing component is written in C++.”

However, there is only sample code on the provided github.

I wonder if there is a sample code implemented in C++ for server-side licensing.

Can you provide c++ sample code?
Also, are there any examples to run on Ubuntu?

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I’v tried the latest version[6.5] of SciChart WPF suite and THEN I activated an older version [6.2] in the same computer. Of course, the serial key was left by an ex-colleague. It’s strange that I can activate ver 6.2 and succeed to get a run-time key. But the key cannot be recongnized by the program. It said I didn’t input a run time key in the render surface.
What’ worse, there are no entities rendered in the SciChartSurface. Just show a blank one.

This issue could be reproduced by the following steps:
1. use a trial version of the latest SciChart;
2. activate an older version using an expired license key. [royalty use, right?]

If I reinstall the OS, and use ver 6.2 directly, all works well.

We’ve brought several 6.2 s, I think reinstall OS is not a smart method to solve this. Could it be solved in a more easy way?

  • Niu mag asked 2 years ago
  • last active 2 years ago
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When i try to run the simple Example from the Documentation ( with my trial License Key ) :

class AppDelegate: NSResponder, NSApplicationDelegate {
override init(){
// Set this code once in AppDelegate or application startup


i receive this error and the application builds but fails to start :

libc++abi: terminating with uncaught exception of type NSException
*** Terminating app due to uncaught exception ‘License Exception’, reason: ”
terminating with uncaught exception of type NSException

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I have a valid license key for development. But occasionally the charts show the message below and I have to restart the app to avoid that. May I ask is there a reason for that and how to fix it?

"Sorry! You have not set a License Key. You can request a free trial key from or purchase at"


  • Gang Xu asked 3 years ago
  • last active 3 years ago
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Hello guys,
I am trying to activate a developer licence for SciChart.Wpf on a new computer.
I followed the activation process and the wizard is indicating that the activation succeeded with the state ‘licensed updates expired’ (since the licence has been purchased more than 1 year ago).
I still have the message ‘Sorry! Your trial of SciChart has expired…’ on the graph in Debug mode.
Is there anything I missed? Does the developer licence should be deactivated from a previous computer in order to make it work on a new one?
Thanks for your answers.

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I bought a license and when I try to deploy my application it seems to be crashing. The application will build and run fine in Visual Studio. I have tried removing the scichart portions from my app and deploying and it runs fine then. I have tried following the tutorial for deployment located here:

but have not had any luck. Would anyone be able to offer any assistance with deploying with scichart?

Thank you for your time and assistance with this,

  • Max Kelly asked 4 years ago
  • last active 4 years ago
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I downloaded your Android Examples project to evaluate whether it’ll be a good fit for real time updates.
Replaced SetRunTimeLicenseKey call with my trial keys.
Designer time window displays Sorry!you have not set a LicenseKey message.
RunTime displays your trial license expired.

Any help on this would be great.


  • Raji S asked 6 years ago
  • last active 4 years ago
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Is there a way to extend the trial version license?

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I have developed a charting package that uses SciCharts. This package is deployed to other applications in my company via nuget. The problem is that when a consuming application runs in the debugger they see the SciCharts watermark. It appears as though the application isn’t licensed. If the code runs outside of Visual Studio, then the runtime license activates and no watermarks appear.
I imagine that when the “trial” license runs out, the consuming application developers will also get a scary message about expired licenses.

Is there a way to prevent this from happening? I want to avoid a ton of questions from developers worried about licenses. The code we ship via nuget has a dependency on SciCharts but the consuming applications are not using it directly.

  • C Stewart asked 8 years ago
  • last active 4 years ago
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To whom this may concern:

I have recently bought a license for SciChart 3D (in addition to a 2D license we already have).

It seems that I’m unable to use both licenses in my software (if i activate 3D, all my 2D charts are shown as “expired”).

We are in the process of attempting to change the 2 separate licenses into a single 2D + 3D license, but in the interim, is there any way i can use both licenses together in my software?

Thanks kindly!

— Ari

  • Ari Sagiv asked 8 years ago
  • last active 8 years ago
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I’ve manually updated one of our apps from v3 to v4.0.6.8442 so I haven’t installed the update tool or anything into my 2013 environment. Initially the result was that the SciChart logo was still displayed no matter how it was run i.e. from debug in studio or directly from the release folder .exe.

I resolved this by replacing the license in App.Xaml.cs with a more up to date one as we’ve recently extended our licenses. Now I can run the exe’s directly (or from ctrl-F5) and there is no logo displayed as I’d expect – However, if I debug into the app using just F5 the logo is now displayed in the graph area.

Is there something the updater tool does to Studio that I’ve missed?


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