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I’v tried the latest version[6.5] of SciChart WPF suite and THEN I activated an older version [6.2] in the same computer. Of course, the serial key was left by an ex-colleague. It’s strange that I can activate ver 6.2 and succeed to get a run-time key. But the key cannot be recongnized by the program. It said I didn’t input a run time key in the render surface.
What’ worse, there are no entities rendered in the SciChartSurface. Just show a blank one.

This issue could be reproduced by the following steps:
1. use a trial version of the latest SciChart;
2. activate an older version using an expired license key. [royalty use, right?]

If I reinstall the OS, and use ver 6.2 directly, all works well.

We’ve brought several 6.2 s, I think reinstall OS is not a smart method to solve this. Could it be solved in a more easy way?

  • Niu mag asked 10 months ago
  • last active 10 months ago
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I download the scichart version and install it on my machine when i try to run the exe it shows that “Sorry your trial of scichart has expired”.what is the solution for that. What changes i need to do on my existing application which uses sci chart.

  • Raghupathy asked 8 years ago
  • last active 2 years ago
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