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Selected Series style - opaque wider line

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Is it possible to add an opaque wider line to the selected series line?

I’ve looked at setting the SelectedSeriesStyle and modifying the StrokeThickness and the Opacity.

If I set a larger StrokeThickness, then a wide line is shown.
If I set a small Opacity the line is opaque – but, as expected, the original line is gone (well it is now wide and opaque).

We would like the original style of the series to be unchanged but a wider, opaque line to be drawn in the same place.

Is the only way to add a new series with a wide, opaque line but the same values (and then somehow hide this series from the legend and the CursorModifier tooltip)?


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Hi Andrew,

Thanks for your inquiry.
By default, it’s required to add an additional RenderableSeries to show another line on top of the existing one.

However, I’ll discuss with our team whether there can be an alternative solution.

With best regards,
Lex S., MSEE
SciChart Technical Support Engineer

  • Lex
    Hi Andrew, I am sorry for the late response. Could you please also provide a picture or mockup of the desired chart appearance for more clarity? Thanks in advance. Lex
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