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I would like to know if the SCICHART support the 3D polar plot, as shown below.

3D polar example

Many thanks

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Please help me on this, as I want to draw/combine multiple charts on a single surface and I am getting Json values from Api & also attaching the Graph look which I want.

Help me how I can achieve this.

Thanks in advance.

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I use VerticallStackedAxes of SciChart component and add 7 AxisMarkerAnnotation to each NumericAxis but AxisMarkerAnnotations not draggable except first of them.

this is the part of my UserControl code:



                <s:RubberBandXyZoomModifier IsXAxisOnly="True"/>
                <s:CursorModifier ShowAxisLabels="False" ShowTooltip="False"/>


            <!-- Draws Bands behind each axis -->
            <s:BoxAnnotation YAxisId="Ch0" CoordinateMode="RelativeX" X1="0" X2="1" Y1="{Binding VisibleRange.Min, ElementName=Ch0}" Y2="{Binding VisibleRange.Max, ElementName=Ch0}" Background="#11000000" AnnotationCanvas="BelowChart"/>
            <s:BoxAnnotation YAxisId="Ch1" CoordinateMode="RelativeX" X1="0" X2="1" Y1="{Binding VisibleRange.Min, ElementName=Ch1}" Y2="{Binding VisibleRange.Max, ElementName=Ch1}" Background="#44B0C4DE" AnnotationCanvas="BelowChart"/>
            <s:BoxAnnotation YAxisId="Ch2" CoordinateMode="RelativeX" X1="0" X2="1" Y1="{Binding VisibleRange.Min, ElementName=Ch2}" Y2="{Binding VisibleRange.Max, ElementName=Ch2}" Background="#11000000" AnnotationCanvas="BelowChart"/>
            <s:BoxAnnotation YAxisId="Ch3" CoordinateMode="RelativeX" X1="0" X2="1" Y1="{Binding VisibleRange.Min, ElementName=Ch3}" Y2="{Binding VisibleRange.Max, ElementName=Ch3}" Background="#44B0C4DE" AnnotationCanvas="BelowChart"/>
            <s:BoxAnnotation YAxisId="Ch4" CoordinateMode="RelativeX" X1="0" X2="1" Y1="{Binding VisibleRange.Min, ElementName=Ch4}" Y2="{Binding VisibleRange.Max, ElementName=Ch4}" Background="#11000000" AnnotationCanvas="BelowChart"/>
            <s:BoxAnnotation YAxisId="Ch5" CoordinateMode="RelativeX" X1="0" X2="1" Y1="{Binding VisibleRange.Min, ElementName=Ch5}" Y2="{Binding VisibleRange.Max, ElementName=Ch5}" Background="#44B0C4DE" AnnotationCanvas="BelowChart"/>
            <s:BoxAnnotation YAxisId="Ch6" CoordinateMode="RelativeX" X1="0" X2="1" Y1="{Binding VisibleRange.Min, ElementName=Ch6}" Y2="{Binding VisibleRange.Max, ElementName=Ch6}" Background="#11000000" AnnotationCanvas="BelowChart"/>
            <s:BoxAnnotation YAxisId="Ch7" CoordinateMode="RelativeX" X1="0" X2="1" Y1="{Binding VisibleRange.Min, ElementName=Ch7}" Y2="{Binding VisibleRange.Max, ElementName=Ch7}" Background="#44B0C4DE" AnnotationCanvas="BelowChart"/>

            <s:AxisMarkerAnnotation X1="0.0" 
                                    LabelTemplate="{StaticResource AxisMarkerTemplate}"
                                    PointerTemplate="{StaticResource DefaultAxisPointerTemplate}"/>

            <s:AxisMarkerAnnotation X1="0.0" 
                                    LabelTemplate="{StaticResource AxisMarkerTemplate}"
                                    PointerTemplate="{StaticResource DefaultAxisPointerTemplate}"/>

You can find source code Here

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Is it possible to give an arrow type style to the axes? As seen in the attached image.

It would be perfect!

Otherwise, I would like to know if it is not possible, not to take into account this characteristic in my development.

I hope you can give me a clue please. Thanks in advance.

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Is it possible to put a background image on a chart? I hope you can give me a hint thanks in advance.

I attach an image for the purpose of my query.

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I hope you can help me, please. Is it possible to remove the lines that protrude on the edge of the graphics, as shown in the image? If so, what would be the procedure?

Thank you very much in advance…

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I could not find the SciChart API documentation for the release we use (3.4.2): neither in the installation files, nor on the SciChart site.
Is that documentation still available somewhere?

BR, Gianni

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I have been struggling to print a page( xaml UserControl) containing charts and some other informations using PrintDialog. I can print but I have got issues (see the attached images)

  1. The quality of the FastLineRenderableSeries is really low (looks like blurred) even though the StrokeThickness is set to its lowest value which is 1.

  2. The verticalLines do not cover the entire graph (see the image) even though they are drawn correctly before printing. See on the image attached, their labels are well presented on the X axis but they dont extend to the axis.

  3. The graph (FastLineRenderableSeriesis ) looks like is floating, before printing it looks all good (zoomed to extents / covering the whole frame) when printed it’s like there is a space added (all that which is below the blue line) which makes the graph look like it is floating.

I have seen in this forum some other questions and answers on how to print a graph (and only a graph) but not graphs and some other informations on a xaml page which is what I would want.

Here is the Image of the printed paper:
Printed Paper Image

and the image with labels of what’s not Ok:
enter image description here

This is what I do to print:

PrintDialog prnt = new PrintDialog();
    if (prnt.ShowDialog() == true)
        Size pageSize = new Size(prnt.PrintableAreaWidth , prnt.PrintableAreaHeight );
        PrntFrm.Arrange(new Rect(0, 0, pageSize.Width, pageSize.Height));
        prnt.PrintVisual(MyUserControl, "Rapport");

Thanks for helping.

Kilosa M.

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Is there any solution to catch the following fatal error, while trying to open any 3D chart in examples suite?
Throwed error SciChart 3D

Thank you in advance!

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Hi guys,

I’m not entirely sure I’m approaching this the right way, but we’re having an issue with two different but similar situations. The first is drawing lines on the chart, which create regions on the chart, and the second is to connect two different points together with a line.

In both scenarios we need to draw quite a few lines on the chart surface, the problem is that the line series does not draw lines separate from each other, just one line connected, for example, if i need to draw to parallel lines:

——————— Line 1
——————— Line 2

Like that, the series will connect them and make a Z line instead.

The problem is that if we need to draw 5 lines to connect a 1000 points together, we need to add 500 fast line series to the chart surface and that slows down the performance significantly.

Is there a property somewhere that we missed? Or a series that we can use that does not connect all the lines together ?

Thanks in advance!

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I’m using auto range on a numeric axis. The data can be anything, but I want the axis to never have a range of less than 5.
E.g.: -100 to -95
E.g.: 17 to 22
E.g.: 0 to 5

What do I need to set to be able to do this? I have tried MinimalZoomConstrain and VisibleRangeLimit without success. Preferably something to set in XAML on my axis.


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Can we export the chart data to csv format like shown below from the XyDataSeries

DateTime Series1 Series 2

06/23/2015 10 20

Thanks in Advance

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Guys i have a requirement to make a chart name volume by price please see the attachment image.
can we make this kind of charts .
Thanks in advance.

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