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Is there any way to Create an image (as png) of an scichart surface and store it in Clipboard for later use in javascript?

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I have to display an image on a SciChartSurface using direct draw. I have seen on the forum that it can be done using ITexture2D and DrawTexture by i can’t achieve it.
Could you provide a small piece of code for that ?

Best regards,

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Hi all,

Bit of a weird question here again – sorry.

I’m not sure if this is possible, but I’m looking to have an android device take pictures every x minutes, and I’d like to display them in a chart with a shared axis with a few other charts. A user will ideally be able to see each of these snapshots associated with the time that they’re taken, and on press expand them into a carousel view with the selected image as the current.

The on press and carousel bit will be straight android code, but I was wondering about displaying images on charts – is it possible? I poked around a little bit, and for WPF, I saw

I was wondering if the android libraries can do similar, and if so, do you have any examples/code snippets?

The other potential approach I found was using the Sprite point marker API, although I’m not sure the scope of images it can render?

Would either of these approaches be feasible, and do you have any examples/tips? Attached is the current status of my charts, and I’m hoping to put images in the red boxes on the second chart (I just put a column chart as a placeholder there for the moment).

Also, I just wanted to say thanks for all the fantastic support your team has provided.


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Is it possible to put a background image on a chart? I hope you can give me a hint thanks in advance.

I attach an image for the purpose of my query.

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