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Minimum axis range

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I’m using auto range on a numeric axis. The data can be anything, but I want the axis to never have a range of less than 5.
E.g.: -100 to -95
E.g.: 17 to 22
E.g.: 0 to 5

What do I need to set to be able to do this? I have tried MinimalZoomConstrain and VisibleRangeLimit without success. Preferably something to set in XAML on my axis.


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I ended up with subscribing to the “DataRangeChanged” event on the axis and calculated the desired range myself and set the “VisibleRange” on the axis.

  • Andrew Burnett-Thompson
    Hi Henning, that will do it, but I would also suggest using AxisBase.VisibleRangeChanged instead and checking the e.NewVisibleRange.AsDoubleRange().Diff value. If it is outside of the desired bounds, set it back to the e.OldVisibleRange. Hope this helps!
  • Ivan Schütz
    Hi Andrew, I did this (I need the x range to start at 0 and the user shouldn’t be able to pan beyond that) but now the chart “falls back” to zooming when I try to pan beyond 0, is there a way to avoid this? It simply has to stop at 0, that’s it. And I do need the zooming, but with an explicit pinch gesture, using 2 fingers…
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