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Dear support,

What is the best way to anchor a GroupBox to the top right corner of a SciChartSurface (as shown in the attached screenshot)? At the moment, I am using an absolute positioning that often fails at initialization or when the surface is resized. I am looking into the annotation API, but have not yet found a clean solution.

Thank you,

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3d Surface Chart
I have read the announcement for 3d charts on iOS and Android. That’s exactly me requirement.
Is a release date already planned or is a beta version available?
What are the limitations for a 3d chart on Android (number of points, memory consumption, time to create the view).
We need a 3d surface chart with x=400 points and y= ~1000point (400’000 points).

  • Is this possible?
  • Can this chart be rotated fluid?

2d Chart
I have a requirement for a 2d chart on Android.
The user must be able to move some points in a line chart. Like “design” a set curve.

  • Is this possible?
  • Exist’s some codes samples?

Best regards

  • Urs Geser asked 4 years ago
  • last active 4 years ago
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Is it possible to give an arrow type style to the axes? As seen in the attached image.

It would be perfect!

Otherwise, I would like to know if it is not possible, not to take into account this characteristic in my development.

I hope you can give me a clue please. Thanks in advance.

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Annotation chart sample Drag Horizontal Threshold allow us to draw custom controllable color for the data series. The same way I need to draw the chart surface background color. I couldn’t find the appropriate API to do this job. Could you advise how to draw surface background color.


Attached the graph image, I like to draw the grey and white backgrounds based on horizontal and vertical line positions.


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