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SciChart Licensing Troubleshooting

The following page is to help you with licensing & activation issues with SciChart WPF. If you experience one of the following issues please read below to find the steps how to solve them.

Note: This article refers to SciChart WPF v3.2 to 5.x. For SciChart WPF v6, please see the updated SciChart WPF Licensing v6 / v7 video

Locating License Keys

Your serial key is found in your License Certificate email and also online at If you do not have either, please contact-us!

Activation Problems

We have recorded a video below showing the activation process for SciChart WPF, and also some common problems experienced when activating SciChart licenses.

If for some reason the SciChart Licensing Wizard reports that you cannot reach the Licensing Server, you can test the licensing server status by going to in your browser. Try it now, you should see an XML response if the server is online.

Assuming the Licensing Server is online, it may be your proxy or firewall blocking the Activation Request. In SciChart v3.3 and above, you can now enter your proxy settings manually, in case auto-detection fails.

If you do not have an internet connection, you can still activate. Please follow the Manual Activation Steps before contacting support.

Trial Expired Problems

Sometimes people report that after distributing their application, the Trial Watermark still appears, or, end users see Trial Expired. Follow the steps below to debug this.

We have also created a Licensing Test App on our Github repository for you to easily test your runtime key.

If you are unable to get this application licensed with your runtime key please contact tech support and we will be glad to assist. Please tell us what you tried, and what version of SciChart you are using.

Note: double check you have set the Runtime Key once and once only in your app. It should be set before any SciChartSurface instances are created. A good guide to do this is our FAQ on Licensing in a DLL.

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