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License issue - Dev Studio 2013 doesn't see license after upgrade from v3 to v4

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I’ve manually updated one of our apps from v3 to v4.0.6.8442 so I haven’t installed the update tool or anything into my 2013 environment. Initially the result was that the SciChart logo was still displayed no matter how it was run i.e. from debug in studio or directly from the release folder .exe.

I resolved this by replacing the license in App.Xaml.cs with a more up to date one as we’ve recently extended our licenses. Now I can run the exe’s directly (or from ctrl-F5) and there is no logo displayed as I’d expect – However, if I debug into the app using just F5 the logo is now displayed in the graph area.

Is there something the updater tool does to Studio that I’ve missed?


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Hi Stuart,

I’m assuming you’ve upgraded from v3.0 or v3.1 to v4 of SciChart. In which case, you will need to follow the steps at this page to Activate your SciChart Developer license.

This is required from v3.2 onwards (Nov 2014) and is a one time activation. It can be done online or offline. You serial keys and license information can be found by going to

After you’ve done that SciChart should continue to work as expected.

Best regards,

  • Stuart McCullough
    Hi Andrew, Is there someone I can speak to about the licensing? We seem to have got ourselves into a bit of a state (again) as we renewed recently under my name but none of the keys were activated by me. We also have a new manager who would like to set himself up as the single point of contact for all our licenses if that’s possible?
  • Andrew Burnett-Thompson
    yes please email [email protected] and I’ll pick it right up. Thanks!
  • Stuart McCullough
    Thanks – I’ll do that on Monday then :-)
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