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Loading issue of native library while running on Android 13

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Hi ,

I’m encountering a critical problem with the SciChart library. The issue seems related to the loading of native methods, specifically Java_com_scichart_charting_numerics_coordinateCalculators_FlippedDoubleCoordinateCalculator_nativeGetCoordinates.

Development Environment:
SciChart Version: 4.4.0-nightly.4744
Library Type: Android
Android Version: Android 13
Release Method: Play Store Download
Debug/Release Modes: Not Reproducible in Direct Android Studio Build

I’ve reviewed the code and documentation but couldn’t pinpoint the issue. I need help with:
1. Confirming the correct loading of the SciChart library.
2. Suggestions for troubleshooting to identify why the native method invocation is failing.
3. Any updates or configurations needed for proper SciChart library integration.


Raja Debbarmann

  • Andrew Burnett-Thompson
    Good morning Raja, can you try a non nightly build? It may be that nightlies or Beta builds are rejected by the App Store. Meanwhile we continue to investigate on our side.
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Hello Andrew,

I have incorporated the non-nightly SciChart library version ‘’ into the project, but the issue still persists. Can you suggest a recent stable version of the SciChart library for Android, such that we can make an Android 13 upgraded release, at the earliest ?

Best Regards

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Hello Andrew,

Any suggestion from you on how we should proceed ?

Best Regards

Raja Debbarman

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