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1 vote

Lets imagine that we have zoom feature and we want to format axis depend on user selected zoom. for example if year select yearly the pattern is yyyy MM dd and if selected zoom is day the pattern is something like this HH:mm:ss. how we can achieve to this goal?

1 vote

i have some candles and i want to force the chart for removing candles with
open = Double.NaN
high = Double.NaN
low = Double.NaN
close = Double.NaN
openTime – special day (timestamp)

What I see:

0 votes

In financial markets, there is a type of chart that is as follows.

I did not find this type of chart in SciChart.

Please help me how to draw this chart

1 vote

I want to access the SciTrader application source so that I can implement the features I need by checking it.

Please guide me to access this source code

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