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Hello! How i can create same style on select chart
i use public class XyCustomPaletteProvider extends PaletteProviderBase<XyRenderableSeriesBase> implements IFillPaletteProvider, IStrokePaletteProvider, IPointMarkerPaletteProvider { but i can pass only single color like this:

I try create three AreaStyle with gradient but nothing could be done…
use version SciChart

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I’m trying to figure out how to apply a consistent gradient to the areas underneath my line charts. For example, if I have chart with Y values 0-10, I might want the area corresponding to 0 to be white, and 10 to be black, regardless of what values are currently panned or zoomed onto the screen. From what I have seen so far, SciChart gradients are based on the current screen values, so if I were zoomed into an area that was only 0-5, it would should a white to black gradient (not what I want), whereas I need a white to grey variant (reserving the black for 10’s). I hope that makes sense.

Thank you.

  • C Bolton asked 4 years ago
  • last active 4 years ago
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I am currently using the HighQualityRenderSurface (as seen here: to replace some dynamically drawn maps in an application. I’m wondering if there is a way to make a blended/ gradient brush that can be drawn onto this surface. The application currently uses a three color blended brush drawn onto a WPF canvas.

Edit: Added images as an example of what we are trying to achieve.

zoomed out

zoomed in

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I found the example for spline drawing, but it’s still missing the gradient brush that mountain series have, how can I add it? thanks

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