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I am new to SciCharts and I am developing line chart with multiple line series with different colors. All line series have time span on X-axis and a double value on Y-axis. I need to show time ticks after specific interval for example i need to show tick after every 30 seconds or 1 minute or 3 minute. and may else.I have also took a look at Major Delta and Minor delta but i am confused and not properly using it . And also interval can be changed with at runtime like a user can select that they want to see X-axis time tick after every 30 second or 50 second or etc. Please can you give me and example for it. I hope for Quick repsonse.

    Date majorDelta = new Date(DateIntervalUtil.fromSeconds(1));
    Date minorDelta = new Date(DateIntervalUtil.fromSeconds(30));

DateAxis xAxis = sciChartBuilder.newDateAxis()

Best Regards,

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I’d like to set line chart’s date xAxis ticks to be exactly one day apart in a way that where the label is shown, the time would be exactly 24:00.
I know I can set the minorDelta() and majorDelta(), but what value should I provide them? The minor tick when I zoom in should be 2 minutes and the major tick should be 24 hours.

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Thank you for your previous response however I would like to know how to recover the Date value from the AxisInfo parameter of the updateInternal method of the AxisToolTip class when used with a DateAxis.

To give context to the question. I am using a DateAxis for the xAxis on this chart and specifying a customised AxisInfoProvider as in the ‘CustomizationRolloverModifierTooltips’ example. When the RolloverModifier highlights some points and if ShowAxisLabels is true then the customised version of the updateInternal method of a customised AxisToolTip is called to to display the xAxis value on the axis.

The AxisInfo object contains a dataValue member variable the question then is: how to convert this back to a Date object.

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I am using StackedColumnRenderableSeries and I have a problem when a data is displayed as it shows the incomplete graph as the second attached image.
Thank you

var xAxis = new DateAxis(this)
GrowBy = new DoubleRange(0.1, 0.1),
AxisTitle = “”,
AutoRange = AutoRange.Always,
TextFormatting = “MMM yyyy”,
DrawMajorGridLines = false,
DrawMinorGridLines = false,
AxisBandsStyle = new SolidBrushStyle(0xfff9f9f9),

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Between these two which one should I use, and what different between these.

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