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Is there a way to make it like the image?

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I want to configure the chart as shown in the image.
How should I code to implement the same image in SciChart?

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// We can achieve the output by first giving axis id,
// then moving the desired column axis alignment to different axis/location

    val xAxis = NumericAxis(this)
    xAxis.axisId = "line-xAxis"
    val yAxis = NumericAxis(this)
    yAxis.axisId = "line-yAxis"

    fastLineRenderableSeries = FastLineRenderableSeries()
    fastLineRenderableSeries.xAxisId = "line-xAxis"
    fastLineRenderableSeries.yAxisId = "line-yAxis"

// Move the axis alignment to left and top and then hide these axis.
// Don’t forget to give axis id to renderable series

    val xColumnAxis = NumericAxis(this)
    xColumnAxis.axisId = "column-xAxis"
    xColumnAxis.axisAlignment = AxisAlignment.Left
    xColumnAxis.visibility = View.GONE

    val yColumnAxis = NumericAxis(this)
    yColumnAxis.axisAlignment = AxisAlignment.Top
    yColumnAxis.axisId = "column-yAxis"
    yColumnAxis.visibility = View.GONE

    val fastColumnRenderableSeries = FastColumnRenderableSeries()
    fastColumnRenderableSeries.xAxisId = "column-xAxis"
    fastColumnRenderableSeries.yAxisId = "column-yAxis"
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I don’t want the result to look like the image.

I would like to create a Volume Profile chart in Android like [Option 2 – Using the SubCharts API] method in JavaScript( Is there no way?

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