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Tag: NonUniformGridDataSeries3D

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Hi everyone,
Wanted to check if there is an existing implementation of NonUniformGridDataSeries3D in js. Had a use case that requires plotting of a 3d mesh with non-uniform grid. I could only find UniformGridDataSeries3D. Can someone please help?

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I must be missing something here.
I’ve followed the tooltips and hit test 3d chart examples.
All I need is the X, Y, Z coordinates that you get with the tooltip.
The only example I’ve found is for scatter points using VertexSelectionModifier3D and OnScatterDataChanged event.
But I cant figure out how to do something similar with GridDataSeries (Uniform or non-uniform).
I’ve tried the “ToolTipOpening” event but it doesn’t trigger when the tooltip opens.
This is the last thing I need before I commit to a licence.
The chart is working fine for my use case otherwise.

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